I am Alive Gameplay from CES

Gameplay of the up and coming title I am Alive

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Spydiggity4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

so, it's uncharted? *sigh*

WorldGamer4036d ago

Come on now, lets reserve judgement until we see more.

The Uncharted series has solid gameplay, so that's not a bad thing to emulate. The story telling will be what can set this game apart.

suicidalblues4036d ago

The clip was 40 seconds. Kinda like saying bioshock is like cod because they're both fps. Personally not interested but I think you're jumping the gun.

dp2774074036d ago

I know right, stupid developers trying to emulate one of the best reviewed games ever.

dp2774074036d ago

I thought Uncharted 2 was one of the highest rated games.

Dorfdad4036d ago

Looks good?? My lord it's a blurry mess outside of your character and just looks plain blah.

Psychotica4036d ago

Don't know what it is about climbing buildings but I really like games that allow you to do it...