Funniest Battlefield 3 Video Ever

MP1st - "Today, YouTuber shosho10199 brings us one of the funniest Battlefield 3 videos we’ve ever seen. Here, he documents a truly epic getaway attempt by one particularly creative recon player. Enjoy."

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Nitrowolf23297d ago

lol always wanted to pull something off like that

Jejojaja3296d ago

"You will always remember this as the day You Almost caught Angel34something"
*jumps up on the MAV*

Majin-vegeta3297d ago

Lol im subscribed to him he makes commentaries even if short hella funny.

His Ghost ninja one is awesome :D.

Mister_V3297d ago

Man, this guy is awesome. Subbed.

Criminal3297d ago

Ghost mode activated! He just gained another sub.

Mister_V3297d ago

Gotta give it to that recon guy for having a sense of humour.

Hellsvacancy3296d ago

Id be the same, i hate it when people take things too seriously, lets make our hav fun fun "FUN"

DanSolo3296d ago

Yeah you would expect him to just start blasting, but the fact that he started messing around shows the dude has a good sense of humour, and when he flew away on the MAV I had to laugh! lol classic BF3 moment!

St03296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

lol yeah, watched this yesterday

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The story is too old to be commented.