[Video] Ghost Recon Future Soldier May 2012 Release Announcement

In this video IP Development Director Adrian Lacey announces the new release date for Ghost Recon Future Soldier. He also gives us an update on the Xbox 360 beta and reveals a Playstation 3 beta coming in April. The PC version of GRFS is also confirmed.

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Legionaire20053548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Wow this is great news for us all including PC gamers as well. Take your time Ubisoft I am in no rush to get the game. Give us a date when you are going to give us the Beta. I had this feeling that this game is going to be delayed again cause they promise us a beta a while back, so March 6th was not a realistic date to release the game. The best part about it is that I am getting Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City together for $5.35 from Best Buy .com reward points!!! Getting Twisted Metal for PS3 on Amazon for $0.19 yes that right!!! $19 cents!!! all because of gift cards and promo deals. It All pays off in the end!!!

gamingdroid3548d ago

I agree!

Ubisoft despite their nasty DRM schemes, don't mind pushing game development out for a better product.

Give credit where credit is due!

Legionaire20053548d ago

Why a disagree? Care to comment lol!!! Are you jealous? No need to be jealous cause you can get these deals too its not impossible its possible. Don't hate!!! appreciate!!!

KimoNoir3548d ago

Wasting money buying too many video games.

Legionaire20053548d ago

Wasting money and buying too many video games? I am actually saving money and how is 3 games too many? With such a bargain deal I think anybody will buy 3 games for that much, especially if they are new. Why not? You can't tell me what to buy! Your argument is a failure. For that you lose a bubble. Nonsense I tell you.

urwifeminder3548d ago

Please dont make this a stealth game im a big fan of ghosts 1 and 2 they were not stealth otherwise ill skip it.