iPad 3: 'Great Gaming Device'

The rumored resolution of the iPad 3 is actually greater than standard 1080p found on an HDTV. Already output from an iPad can be put on an HDTV, either wirelessly via AirPlay or with a cable Apple sells. The processing power of the A6 will likely bring the graphics capability of the iPad 3 near the Xbox 360, which means that porting console titles to the iPad won't require major compromises except perhaps in the control structures. Still, Bluetooth controllers that look much like Xbox or PS3 controllers are already available, though Apple has not released a standard controller of their own.

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donniebaseball3544d ago

Personally looking fw to seeing what Apple does next. iPad 2's already pretty awesome.

darthv723544d ago

the ipad 2 uses a dual core gpu which is the same spec as the quad gpu in the vita it could be assumed that the ipad 3 will obviously be better if not equal to the vita.

Also, the edge here that people miss isnt that it has to be more powerful than a 360 or ps3 but that it serves two purposes. Gaming on the big screen in 1080p and gaming on the move.

Although, I would like to think that when cradled, it will have real controller input via wireless options unlike using the touchpad when on the go. Thing is though, the ipad 3 wont be a dedicated gaming platform like nin, ms and sony but that doesnt mean it wont have dedicated support for games either.

frelyler3544d ago

You are joking about the GPU specs correct? I hope so because that statement made no sense. The Vita has a quad-core GPU SGX543MP4+. The Ipad2 has a dual core PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU. The Vita literally has twice as many cores to work with as the Ipad2, therefore they are not similar in specs and you don't know what you are talking about when it comes to computer components. Also, Apple does incremental improvements so people buy more of their over priced (although I'll admit nice) hardware and software packages. You'll have to wait a few generations of Ipads before you get something that will be better than the Vita in terms of specs. Apple just doesnt take large leaps in specifications in their products, too pricey.

darthv723544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

The similarities are in the gpu being the SGX543MP series. There is a dual core (2), quad core (4) and 8 core version with the differences being the number of cores.

SGX535: 14M polygon/s,@200 MHz (iPad)
SGX543: 35M polygon/s @200 MHz (single core)
SGX543: 68M polygon/s @200 MHz (MP2 dual core iPad2)
SGX543: 133M polygon/s @200 MHz (MP4 quad core Vita)

The original ipad used an SGX535 so in comparison to the ipad2's SGX543MP2 wasnt just an "incremental" update. It was minimum of double the performance from a single core and the ipad2 had 2 core's for the gpu.

Vita will have MP4 but still part of the same SGXMP series. Maybe Apple will go and use the MP4 or perhaps they will use the MP8 or 16 but it seems more likely that when it comes to the ipad, they obviously want to make a bigger impact on performance than they do on the iphone.

When it comes down to games, they need to get actual controls for when its plugged into a tv. Touch screen can only go so far.

evilunklebud3544d ago

Agreed... the current iPad (iPhone) has some fun games.... next gen should only get better.

zeal0us3544d ago

iPad 3 woah woah buddy don't get ahead of yourself more like iPad-2S then you'll get your iPad3 /s then again after the iphone5 end up being iphone4s i dunno.

mcstorm3544d ago

I agree if any tablet is going to be a good gaming device it will be a windows 8 one later this year.

ChiVoLok03544d ago

Apple please stick to music. I don't want you to overtake the gaming industry which I know you can but it won't be for the good of players, I'm sure.

Ryo-Hazuki3544d ago

no buttons and analog sticks. IMO its not a great gaming device then

Drekken3544d ago

^This guy has it figured out.

Even though they can use part of the screen for buttons, it just isn't as responsive and reliable as a manual button.

In this day and age, analog sticks control the best... Not having them severely limits the devices gaming abilities. Sony, the master of gaming devices figured that out a long time ago. If you want to do 3rd person or 1st person games, you need analog sticks.

clrlite3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

no thanks, my laptop is more than powerful enough and Vita is coming out soon.

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