Soul Calibur 5: Ezio Is Amazing

The Master Assassin is coming to Soul Calibur 5 to show the regular characters how it is done. The franchise is already known for adding some fine additions to its roster but now we can see Ezio Auditore in action!

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Ezio20483548d ago

so excited to try this game...
i am Ezio after all... :P

ironfist923548d ago

...implying Ezio was never amazing in the first place?

Kurt Russell3548d ago

I wish they would stop cheapening great characters with cross overs :/

Why would you play as anyone but Ezio... he out cools everyone.

Ezio20483548d ago

that's because Soul Calibur series has been getting characters with cross overs since Soul Calibur 2 (or 3) and Namco wishes to continue that trend with better yet recognizable characters who have established themselves as great fighter.

just the way Warner Bros doped in for Kratos in Mortal Kombat, Namco further stepping ahead vouched for Ezio.

falsegod3548d ago

It's not like he's impossible to dodge, this isn't Marvel vs Capcom3 where you go to the other corner and start shooting