Will the gem system ruin ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’?

VGW: Through thick and thin, Capcom fighting games have always been on top. Since the foundation built by the ultimate head-to-head fighting experience in Street Fighter II, Capcom has led the charge in the fighting game world in both casual and competitive markets. So far the community support for Street Fighter X Tekken has been no different, and the game has gained major steam at conventions and among casual players and professionals.

However, after the announcement of the brand new gem system coming to Street Fighter X Tekken, I began to wonder where the future of the fighting genre is really headed.

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nyobzoo3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

no problems here and honestly, if someone is using the auto whatever gem then they don't really care about the gem system, since people who know how to play won't even touch them

Umbrella Corp3539d ago

Im just gonna stick to SSF3 online and SSF4AE.If this game isnt flawed by this perk system ill pick it up on its inevitable ultimate edition full game version.

Smashbro293539d ago

SSSF3? You mean 3SO? That was a terrible port.

LettingGo3539d ago

If they turn it into Power Stone, I would have NO problem with that!

Redempteur3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Big deals for the gems ...

( over nothing )

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