Treyarch Dev Talks Perks: “Is The Problem Really Assassin?”

MP1st - In David Vonderhaar’s ongoing discussion with Call of Duty fans, he recently spoke of everybody’s favorite perks: Ghost and Assassin.

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scrambles3544d ago

Theyll never learn. Either nerf Assassin/ghost or buff everything around it and asking people to stop using UAVs and such is kind stupid when u think about it. Its an easy killstreak that allows u to see everyone on the map but the most over powered perk counters this. So give people a reason to use other perks. Its sorta simple instead of telling people to change their gaming style.

Gamer-Z3544d ago

Simple solution would be to add the stopping power perk again.

scrambles3544d ago

I do believe your right. Those 3 perks may have been some of the best in the game but they played a role

ghost = you can sneak around
stopping power helped u win gun fights.
Juggernaut helped you survive/countered stopping power also countered the ridiculously low ttk in CoD games.

nick292033544d ago

I'm glad they got rid of stopping power. It leaves more room to be creative and use a different perk instead of stopping power being the mandatory perk that everyone uses.

Gamer-Z3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )


Yes but it leaves ghost/assassin/UAV jammer or whatever the heck you want to call it unchecked thus making the game very unbalanced, there's a reason why it was in the previous COD's.

Mister_V3544d ago

I agree with the fact that they took out stopping power but made each gun as powerful as if it had stopping power, and then they added proficiencies to make it even more effective. TOO much POWER!