Top ten most anticipated Vita and 3DS games of 2012 - GameZone

GameZone spotlights ten of the hottest handheld games you can expect to see this year.

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dark-hollow3540d ago

am so excited for gravity rush.
looks unique and fresh.

forevercloud30003539d ago

Ditto Dude.

Will be getting 3G Vita(maybe) with Gravity Rush, DD Uncharted:GA(if its cheaper than retail), SuperStardust Delta, and Escape Plan.

DonaldBeck3540d ago

the legend of zelda and uc ga

Razongunz3540d ago

most anticipating 3ds game = One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP after that comes kid Icarus.
most anticipating ps vita game (for now) = uncharted golden abyss (after thats released i think FFX would be very welcomed x)

TheSanchezDavid3539d ago

I wanted a Vita and 3DS before. Now I REALLY want them.

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