Nyko Parades PlayStation Vita Performance Enhancers at CES

Nyko never met a console or portable it couldn't make a ton of additional crap for, and the upcoming PlayStation Vita is no different. At CES 2012 in Las Vegas the peripheral maker debuts its launch lineup of Vita accessories.

tarbis4156d ago

I want the power grip with rechargeable batteries pls.

Ulf4156d ago

I really liked my Nyko aluminum case for my PSP. I'm almost for certain going to get my Vita one, unless Sony's case is better in some way.

zero_cool4156d ago

Well too me they appear unless & im not wasting my money on useless accessories so thanks but no thanks i pass!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

MasterCornholio4156d ago

I like the docking station seems like a great way to use the Vita as a video player.


LeBronista4156d ago

+12 hours of gaming.. sold! But I hope it's not the final design because it's kinda fugly.