PS Vita 4G Release Will Be A Big Mistake Just In Case

Pinoytutorial: During AT&T's keynote for Playstation Vita 3G, its CEO slipped something about the possibility of the handheld console getting 4G LTE under its network. Here's an analysis discussing why that move will be disadvantageous on the end of Sony, just in case.

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Drekken3547d ago

Another blogger carrying on about how all Sony does is a mistake. This is original.

Colwyn3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

The writer here is so short sighted which is indicated by is points of bringing up sales and the 3ds. The 4G ps vita will be a welcomed edition to the hand-held market because it'll be 10 times faster than 3g and it'll truly be able to allow online gaming from anywhere.

dark-hollow3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

the 3g sales are already very low compared to the wifi version.

lets be realistic, if the 3g version have crazy data planes, imagine how much a 4g one could cost?

add to that that 4G eats batteries on lunch.

so high data plans+short battery life = DOA
its nothing vita specific. even the 3g version of the popular ipad is the lowest selling variation.

the good idea is to make a phone out of the vita.

pain777pas3547d ago

At least some people are seeing Sony's strategy here. You now have phones secured under the Sony umbrella. PS Suite's value just went up and a relationship with carriers like AT and T and Verison. Step 2 you release the hybrid PS Vita 4G phone in 2 years with a contract and gain some customers who are ready to jump ship with on board storage, memory card slots and the like. Why do you think that the cards are so small? It does not take a genius to see where this is heading. Vita is a platform people and the next iteration will be the business but they needed to get their foot in the door and complete the aquisition of Ericson before they can deliver the ultimate portable gaming experience. However, most will never have a problem with their original purchase because it was compeling when it launched. Also you have the idea of upgraded specs with PS Suite being able to be scaled up or down for specific platforms the strategy is long term and Sony are in the position to make a huge push in mobile phones down the line with the Vita. Their options are endless with their strategy and acquisitions.

remanutd553547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

wow i think he writer should first talk when he knows all about the topic , first of all we wont be able to play multiplayer online games properly on 3G , 3G will be use to see live leaderboards , social applications and the like , 4G LTE "on the other hand " will let us play multiplayer online games so it would be a very , very good move by sony but i think the business should be get the 4G service from psn and sony dealing with AT&T , it would be a lot easier and convenient to the playstation vita user and it should be cheaper than those plans ( 250mb for $14.99 , 2 GB for $24.99 , man thats nothing for a portable gaming device

ZombieStalker3547d ago

4G at this point is purely speculation. 3G will allow for game downloads from PSN, backups, etc. The key will be IF the 3G version of the Vita can be upgradable to 4G. If not, what will be the premium to purchase a 4G model. From a business model I don't think the Vita market can support a more expensive model (ie. 4G)

contra1573547d ago

Having 4G LTE network is a great idea problem is the battery. But it's such a leap over Nintendo.

zero_cool3547d ago

An at&t manager told me over the phone that they charge you more if you exceed you're data plan's data useage & they have an 4gb data plan for $45 also. Cheers gamers & happy gaming!

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