SoulCalibur V Gameplay Videos

TheSoulCaliburTV has released three new gameplay videos showing off the incredible game play in SoulCalibur V.

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Tanir3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

guy is a complete moron.........doesnt even know the game is 17 years later......obviously mitsurigi, seigfried and alot of characters took an age hit lmao

what a noob.

and judging by his custom character he has no sense of fashion or aesthetics

AngelicIceDiamond3548d ago

I don't know who would disagree with you? I agree with you completely I hate this guy playing this game hes very annoying and a noob.

And his choice for the female wardrobe is offensive, hes obviously aesthetically challenge and can't pick real outfits that aren't the typical male ways to dress female characters. I wish more guys would have more respect for the female sex in these games and read a magazine on tasteful fashion sense.

3548d ago
D3mons0ul3548d ago

I was going to watch the video but I don't care for commentary of any form.


Further NOPE.