Xbox 360 at CES 2012: Declares 2011 the 'biggest year' in the history of the console

Microsoft have released an official press release outlining their plans for CES and looking back at a great 2011 for them.

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will believe know the ones who quote ms profits in comments because they cant gloat about exclusive games...

2011 was big for ms profit wise due to kinect, when are ms going to actually invest some of that profit in bringing us exclusive games?

my 360 is unfortunately gathering dust

StrongMan3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

He's not mad. He speaks the truth. For reasons I'll never understand, Xbox fanboys are so happy when MS post great numbers and have no problem with them not investing in core games and have no problem when they closed down several core gaming studios. They are so happy to see Kinect sensors sell so well but are not intelligent enough to see the writing on the wall as to where Xbox is heading. MS closed several core studios and won't support core games but open 4 new studios for casual Kinect games completely turning their back on who got them where they are today. You guys should have a problem with that but you don't because you just want to see MS post good financial numbers of which you won't see a penny of.

MrWiggle3549d ago


Totaly agree

This isn't just a fanboy thing by calling a's an obvious fact where any gamer can see Microsoft are really screwing their fanbase but their followers don't seem to care and when people actually say "I'm a gamer and I don't care" I usualy just laugh because no gamer would be happy with what they've been doing unless you are an Xbox 360 fanboy who blindy follows Microsoft.

I can't believe that no one would want MS to go back to what they used to be like.

As I said this isn't just a fanboy thing, this is actually a real problem. Microsoft probably took the risk and knew it would probably p*ss off their core fanbase but infact I bet they're over the moon, their own fans came up with some silly excuses for them about sales and profits which I bet Microsoft just glady went along with.

RedDead3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Sony screwed me over when they let Psn get hacked and put my credit card at risk. I'll never trust them ever again.


AtomicGerbil3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )


What's that got to do with the topic at hand?

Bet you don't say the same thing about the credit card companies themselves? They get hacked all the time.

Anarki3549d ago

Oh dear god, so it's Sony's fault that anonymous hacked their servers. Just going to throw this out there, XBoxLive is just as prone to hacks as the PSN. Your credit cards are just as likely to be stolen from xbl than psn.

ABizzel13549d ago

From my experience most of the people who bought the 360 did it for a couple of reasons.

1. It's cheaper than the PS3.

2. It has the games they want to play even if the majority of them are third party.

3. XBL

Those 3 reasons are enough to justify their purchase in their eyes, and for most casual - semi core gamers that's all they need.

I bought a PS3 because I like the action-adventure genre, new game experiences, and niche games which are all strong points in Sony's library vs. the others.

IMO Sony does offer the most in gaming, but for those who stick to Madden and COD, and occasionally pick up another game that's gone mainstream the 360 is good enough for them, since all they buy are mainstream games, because they're they don't know anything else. They're missing out, but they don't realize it because there's no one there to educate them.

antz11043549d ago

My wallet is proof.

Consoles in general had a great year, and it was due to all the multiplats that came out this fall. True, there was only really GoW3 as an exclusive but there was Dead Island, Batman, AC:R, CoD, Battlefield, and Skyrim. All in a 3 month period. Thats insane. PS3 is probably going to boast huge numbers too.

Regarding the PSN hack....yes it is Sony's fault. I'd be blaming MS as well if it happened to them, but it hasn't. Just like my credit card companies.

SilentNegotiator3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )


CC data didn't make it out unencrypted. Any numbers the hackers got were useless. Sony very sufficiently kept PSN CC data safe.

SOE CC data on the other hand, was a different story. But then you're trying to make the ps3 out to look bad, not SOE.

So stop peddling your outdated troll anecdotes.

As a 360 owner? Yes.
The xbox 360 is nothing like it was 6 years ago.

gamingdroid3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )


***You guys should have a problem with that but you don't because you just want to see MS post good financial numbers of which you won't see a penny of.***

No, but we see major investment from MS into the platform with proper support. Kinect received tremendous support with plenty of exclusive games. It's no accident it sold 18 million units!

Gamers also received numerous gaming related features over the years including cross game chat, party system, beacons and so on. This all enhances the way we play and certainly makes the online "experience" exclusive.

There is no co-incidence that BF3 on Xbox 360 runs fine, while on PS3 it has VOIP issues for months now with no fix date. That is because MS provides the VOIP technology that is tried and tested. It's your Xbox Live Gold membership at work!

So yes, MS success is definitely good for gamers. Just like how PS2's success was very good to gamers.


Frankly abuse of your credit card number is the least of your worries and should be re-imbursed.

You are more likely to face social engineering attempts with the information the hackers have of you, since they got your Date of Birth. It it is frequently used to verify important accounts. Now hackers can impersonate you....

EVILDEAD3603549d ago

Been calling it all year..

But, this is simply unheard of with a console 6 years deep into it's console life.

I played over 20 games on my 360 alone. I salute Epic, Turn 10, and 343 studios for dropping 3 great titles this year that I will be playing deep into next year.

Look, you know that fan blogger sites and a certain crowd is going to express their negative sentiments about the 360 and it's games ad nauseum.

But, log off and (as usual) it's clear they don't represent the reality of the gaming world.

The last two years Micrsoft simply went after it's strengths.

Core 360 gamers that have supported the 360 all gen have supported it's big exclusive franchises: Halo, Gears, Mass Effect, Fable, and Forza.

2010 they successfully released Mass Effect 2, Halo Reach, and Fable 3.

The impact of these franchise cannot be understated. Halo Reach which had a first years sales of 6 million and ended up doing another 2 million in 2011. Fable 3 is also suprisingly still charting in the 4th quarter of this year.

Kinect defied odds and internet opposition. But again it's clear that at 18 million the device is a success. People say that no one plays it, but when you have close to 10 games over a million, it simply isnt true.

Here is the 100% reality of 2011. Both the 360 and the PS3 had great years despite great competition and obstacles.

Amazing year for gamers..period


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Wikkid6663549d ago

The exclusive thing gets old! A majority of games on either system are 3rd party titles.

So all the people that buy only 3rd party games don't exist?

mcstorm3549d ago

The thing that gets me about all this exclusive games ect is the PlayStation brand over PS1 and PS2 lived off 3rd party support and that is how it got its name. Yes they were classed as exclusive games but that was because of the poor sales of the N64, Cube, Saturn, Dreamcast and Xbox. But if you look towards the back end of last gen there were more and more games coming out for all 3 consoles than the gen before and the start of last gen because they knew that there was more money to be made by selling on 3 consoles than just 1.

Yes the PS3 has had more core exclusive games than the 360 but look at the numbers they have sold in compared to the 3rd pary games that are on both consoles. the best selling games on the ps3 and 360 are COD and for the 360 its best selling IP that can keep up with COD is halo and GT is the only game on the PS3 that can keep up with COD.

Nintendo are the only company out of the 3 that sell there console on exclusive games as the names Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Pokemon, Donkey Kong ect are bigger than anything the other two have.

But I have to give it it t MS what a good job they have done this gen by keeping people interested in there console and expanding it the way they have. MS have shown the gaming world thet they entered the games market to make an impact on Sony and Nintendo's sales and they have done that this gen. The 360 has been the lead console for most 3rd pary HD games. Most 3rd pary games sell the most on it and Kinect has opened the doors for everyone to ues the 360 and all that in just one gen is credit to MS. When they entered the Market everyone said they would be out the market by the end of this gen but they have proved everyone wrong.

Sony thought that the PS name was enough to out do the 360 but they were wrong and paid the price for it by letting MS take the US and UK from them.

Disccordia3549d ago

Exclusives are dying and it's hurting both consoles identidy. Most people will agree that Sony had the mos exclusives last year but if you can name more than five or six you're doing well. Same with this year.

This is not like last gen when (particularly) the PS2 was getting exclusives every week and the Xbox certainly had its fair share or quality stuff too.

Sony have done better in this area but both companies need to do more IMO.

BlmThug3549d ago

For MS, yes for fans, no

3549d ago
fei-hung3549d ago

In terms of sales, how can you disagree that it hasn't been there biggest year? Can you think of another year where they have performed better selling various xbox products?

MS categorically stated it was the brands biggest year which is very true. Had they stated it was the biggest year for MS gaming, that would have been a different story all together.

You cannot downplay the success of any company. Give credit where it is due. From a brand which almost died, they are now a brand name that is to be reckoned with.

gamingdroid3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

More accurately, Xbox brand was something laughed at about as nobody in the industry took them serious. A western console from a software manufacturer trying to sell hardware? Someone with absolutely no experience selling hardware?

It was truly a battle of David and Goliath....

ceedubya93549d ago

My 360 has been doing just fine. Could they have had more exclusive core offerings? Sure. But the console was not without quality games to play. 3rd party games are still games that can be played on the console, and there were some very good ones that released in 2011.

Add those to the few but good exclusive games that Microsoft had, then there was plenty to play for those that only had a 360. Most people won't have the money or time to play all of the great games that were released this past year, exclusive or not.

In the end, people need to realize that despite the lack of new core exclusive games, the majority of people that own the console are probably pretty satisfied with their purchase. People are still buying the console because it offers what they want, whatever that may be.

At this point, anyone that is looking for a laundry list of exlcusive core titles should just get a PS3. Instead of waiting for Microsoft to provide you what you want, go find a console that offers what you want right now. If you just want some quality games to play, then you can't go wrong with either choice.

Gazondaily3549d ago

This kid has 5 bubbles....pretty much sums up the site really.

Consumers were the ones buying it so obviously it was a big year for them too.

Regardless of the absence of many exclusives, the 360 library was still packed with great multiplatform games. GoW 3 and Forza 4 were brilliant in their own right.

So your blanket assumptions that anyone with a 360 that enjoyed this year is a a "rabid ms fanboy" only goes to prove that you are a fanboy of a different variety.

My most awaited game of 2011 was battlefield 3 (which I bought on PC and 360). I actually enjoy BF3 on the 360 a lot and can do so without problems such as input lag or VOIP issues. Why? Because of the 360 does a lot of things right.

Your 360 may be gathering dust, but not everybody elses. The PS3, comparatively, had a horrid line up of exclusives in the beginning, at least the 360 has multiplats to rely on. Just because the 360 is going through a drought of exclusives, this doesn't automatically suggest that this will always be the case.

insomnium23549d ago


"Just because the 360 is going through a drought of exclusives, this doesn't automatically suggest that this will always be the case."

What are you on about? X360 has tonnes of exclusives that came out in 2011. The only "thing" here is that they were Kinect games about 80% of the time.

I wish I could take this situation and slap it in the faces' of all those x360 fans/bloggers/article writers/fanboys in 2005-2008. Boy would that be sweet. All those fans must've quit gaming or hanged themselves due to MS Kinectimazing the entire platform since the people we have here today do NOT know anything about how things used to be in the early years of this gen. There is a grin on my face due to this situation but I'm not sure wether it's from pain or laughter...

3549d ago
gamingdroid3549d ago

I very much enjoy these Kinect games.

I really never understand the people that yell at the top of their lung "exclusivezzz", and claim more games the merrier. Yet, Kinect games are exclusives!

Which most likely means, Xbox 360 has the most exclusives of all three platforms!


If you are open to Kinect games, you might just find you like it!

SephirothX213549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Well tbh, there are so many great multi games, that there doesn't need to be exclusives. The 360 is not just selling because of Kinect. People are buying the 360 in the US more than PS3 because they clearly see it as the better console for them. The three best games last year were probably Arkham City, Skyrim and Dark Souls. All of them multiplatform. The PS3 has more exclusives but there are just too many multi games ut for most people to care. I own both consoles and a high-end pc and I have a huge amount of quality exclusives and multi games yet to play. I prefer the PS3 to 360 personally but I can understand why others may disagree. For example, some people prefer PSN to Xbox Live as it is free while others prefer to pay for a service that is more sound and has more features. The PS3 may have a lot of quality exclusives and the 360 may only have a few but there are many multiplatform games that are better than any 360 or PS3 exclusive. It's not all about graphics. Games are meant to be played, not just looked at.

DiRtY3549d ago

I bought Gears of War 3, CoD Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Dance Central 2, Rise of Nightmares, Crysis 2, Skyrim, Kinect Sports Season 2, Plants vs Zombies, Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, Rage, Sonic Free Riders, Batman Arkham City and probably a couple of others I forgot.

So there is no way this was a bad for me as a gamer.

evilunklebud3548d ago

Both had great years dude, get over yourself....

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thehusbo3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Games Microsoft, games...

@below me, 'first party exclusives may be a thing of the past'? What? Are u referring to Microsoft?

FrigidDARKNESS3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Awesome news. MS outsells there competition without having a long list of first party exclusives. The industry is changing first party exclusives may be a thing of the past.
At above there are third party triple A titles that are better and outsells first party titles every year.
At below why invest millions and millions of dollar into a first party game for it to look and play like all other third party titles.

AtomicGerbil3549d ago

Why? The reason for exclusives is to differentiate yourself from the competition, you can't always rely on third party games only because every other platform has them, therefore you are not making yourself a viable alternative.

cstyle3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

3rd party is what drives this industry. Not 1st party like most think. Take way all the big third party publishers and see what you get. Whether you want to believe it or not, Sony and ms can't keep the industry going all by themselves. ms is clearly doing something right when you consider that there are alot of PS fans from last gen who are xbox fans this gen.The numbers are clearly saying just that. There is nothing wrong with MS strategy in building for the future and having a broader audience.

Sony really needs to rethink their strategy for next gen because for a software company to come and enter this industry and steal so much market share in this short of time is really a big accomplishment. MS is gonna keep applying the pressure as long as they get theses types of sales. Sony needs to start thinking outside of the box. Exclusives are great but you can't just ignore the fact that the industry is changing. The majority of gamers aren't core anymore.

insomnium23549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )


"Whether you want to believe it or not, Sony and ms can't keep the industry going all by themselves."

Ummm... you should REALLY educate yourself on the subject. PS3 must've gotten more than one AAA exclusive per month in 2011.

"The majority of gamers aren't core anymore."

This is true but what do you care? Are YOU casual? Is anyone on this site casual? Should the majority decide for YOUR personal gaming habits. Should they decide what games we get? It appears that as long as MS getz teh zales, they should iyo.

Christopher3549d ago

***The industry is changing first party exclusives may be a thing of the past. ***

Won't happen. You do realize that MS' online service is a 'first party exclusive feature' that helps to sell the consoles, right?

If all 'exclusives' went the way of the dodo, then so would those companies.

There isn't just 'exclusive games' that keep companies relevant, but just because it's not the only thing doesn't mean they don't matter.

The fact you can only play Halo and Gears on a 360 matters. The exclusive support of CoD on a 360 matters. The kinect device on a 360 matters and every single game made for it is exclusive.

Optical_Matrix3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

They say that every year without fail. Ironically, the amount of exclusive block buster games being released on the console decreases year on year as well.

Also at the person above who said PS1 and PS2 lived off of 3rd party. Well, firstly, even then Sony was still releasing far more First Party games than Microsoft is now and to boot, the 3rd party games by in large were exclusive to the system. 90% of the good games on the 360 over the past couple of years can be bought on PC and PS3. That's nothing to boast about. Gaming is about games. Not premium entertainment apps and camera's that help cure cancer.

Captain Tuttle3549d ago

HaHa! Love the bitter tears in positive 360 threads.

Never change N4G

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