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LightofDarkness3547d ago

All right, and only 2 MONTHS LATER! You guys really deserve that studio of the year award!


Mr-Dude3547d ago


But don't forget that we the gamers choose them for that award...

lugia 40003547d ago

PC + Xbox fanbase > PS3

Its like a war you cant win.

MAJ0R3547d ago

naw dude it's all fixed, I think anyone with a brain in their head know that

Solid_Snake373547d ago

lol @lugia its more like ps3+more or less pc fanbase>xbox 360

snipes1013547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Anyone who types the "this fanbase>that fanbase" should just be banned from the internet and have water dumped on their computer.

Seriously, I can't think of a more asinine argument to get into. Ever. Just stop.

As for the article: good job Bethesda. Glad you made sure this bug was taken care of 2 months after release instead of before release. /s

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Ghoul3547d ago

Skyrim was the first game in a long time where i dumped my several hours long ps3 savegame and traded it in for the 360 version and started from scratch

sorry bethesda you f***d up bad with the ps3 version

Hellsvacancy3547d ago

Plays ok for me (so far) my save file is around 8000kb

Dunno what all the fuss was about

3547d ago
SeanScythe3547d ago

Im at 12mbs and my dads at 15mbs my cousin is at 9mbs, other then a little lag at moments when there is a lot going on. 2 dragons, 3 bears, and 4 bandits all at once then it runs pretty well and we are all on PS3.

Blackdeath_6633547d ago

well.. i did have a few lag spikes here and there and it did crash once (but so did fifa 12) but i wouldnt say its unplayable. ive been enjoying skyrim very much so over the winter holidays.

thesummerofgeorge3547d ago

By the time my save file was at 13MB it was virtually unplayable. That's what the big fuss is about. Awesome game, but that shit is unacceptable. It's broken.

vickers5003547d ago


I have a 12mb save file and things still work fine for me. I did notice some slowdown during some of the more heavier action sequences, such as the dark brotherhood base destruction where there's tons of crap blowing up all around you, a lot of NPCs both enemy and friendly being killed and speaking whilst doing so, but it was still playable and no where near "game breaking".

Guess I'm lucky.

Krew_923547d ago

I went through almost 6 game breaking bugs on the PS3 version, plus I got lag spikes up the ass all the time. Also I started two characters, one that was 100+ hours, and the new one I have now is well into 80 hours.

This is just annoying, and I feel that people who say they don't have any problems on the PS3 version are either lying, or they're going to get it sooner or later.

I really do hope the patch fixes the many issues on the PS3.

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Spitfire_Riggz3547d ago

You know I think DICE and the PS3 Voice patch has something to say about that prize

MariaHelFutura3547d ago

Hey, let's just be happy it'll be fixed. Assuming 1.4 fixes it..... I was just about to buy it for my 360.

StraightPath3547d ago


Bioshocking3547d ago

Im still skeptical...

Watch them make 1.5 to fix the problems 1.4 made....


Redempteur3546d ago

Don't worry ..

All the 1.X problems will be fixed in the 2.0 patch

SephirothX213547d ago

Best game I've played from last year. Played it on my high-end pc. PS3 version wasn't great but they got two out of three right.

MysticStrummer3547d ago

lol No they didn't. All versions of Skyrim had multiple problems at release.

Derekvinyard133547d ago

nice! 2 months later means cheaper price and a fixed game. better then first day $60 filled with bugs. no more first day bethesda games for me, im not a beta tester.

Krew_923547d ago

I remember reading somewhere, well many news sites, that 1.4 would not solve the lag issues on the PS3. I hope the sites I read are wrong, because this would just be lying from Bethesda's part.

Jneal73547d ago

And the award for gamiest bug of the year goes to..... Skyrim!

Skizelli3546d ago

@Jneal7: You haven't played any Ubisoft games, have you?

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TheFirstClassic3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Oh will they now? I thought it was all because of the ps3 having not enough ram or something... thought it wasn't even possible to fix...

And then I see some comments on this site saying that the ps3 only works well for linear games, nothing open. What about Assasins Creed? Doesn't that run slightly better on ps3 than xbox (though I will say such small differences are almost pointless to compare)? Demon souls? Infamous? There are plenty of great open world games on ps3, Bethesda just makes bad ports.

Then again, does skyrim have a problem on ps3 because its bigger than any other open world game? I dunno, I know next to nothing about programming so I can't really judge. Haven't even played skyrim yet, and I don't plan on buying it unless the lag problem really is fixed.

Solid_Snake373547d ago

Whoever said that is the biggest idiot i ever heard of... Has he ever played infamous 2? That game looks and plays better than most games out there on ps3, and guess what? Its open-world

SJPFTW3547d ago

infamous is not as large and complex of a game. thank you come again

Redempteur3546d ago


Lol , Infamous is totally Ugc like LBP ... if that's not complex you're behind the times ...

christheredhead3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Its not necessarily the open world that is causing the issue. Its that skyrim saves every single detail of every single action. For instance, start the game, kill a mudcrab, store a sword in the inventory, come back to it 75 hours later and the sword will still be there. All the miscellaneous actions have to be accessible at all times so it puts a strain on the ps3 as well as 360. Not that the game is perfect though cause I'm sure there are other factors as well, but the way its implemented doesn't seem to be console friendly.

Most open world games dont remember all the details and, more or less, "reset" the world constantly. I'm still doubtful the patch could help though. I'm keeping an open mind, but I honestly doubt it so I won't get my hopes up just yet. Bethesda will probably have to release a few more patches in relation to 1.4 causing issues. There hasn't been a playable Bethesda game on the ps3 as of yet, I dont see how Skyrim will be any different. Some are more manageable than others, but playable? Not really. Not that I'm trying to downplay their work, but I from my perspective it has not been smooth sailing.

wynams3547d ago

Two Worlds II has that "feature" as well. Put an item in a corpse's loot screen inventory ... come back 100 hours later and its still there.

My 100 hour save file is only 700kb tho, so apparently Bethesda fails at save coding.

christheredhead3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )


Yah, now that you mentioned it I just realized that to. I played two worlds 2 quite a bit on ps3 (around 65 hours), but my save file never reached Skyrim proportions. Not sure how that works though. I guess its tied to the engine Bethesda uses? Could be a number of factors as vitz3 states.

3547d ago
NukaCola3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )


I know since the latest LBP patch and of course LBP 2 as of the start: Why can't you just save the data to a seperate DATA file and keep the save files to a minimum? You stream off the disc, the install covers the textures and what not, and the other Data file hold all the information that fills in the rest. Seems like it could work, but I don't know. Any thoughts on that?

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NoNeedForAName3547d ago

Sweet, I got my platinum for Skyrim last week. Hooray Bethesda!! Even though the first patch they released was targeted specifically for "long-term play issues" and did nothing but disable resistances/weaknesses, this one will work just fine I'm sure though.

Mr-Dude3547d ago

Yeah, i bugged my way trough the glitchy gameplay en lag issues to... A lot of anger and frustration... But hey, at least the "future"" gamers have this issue fixed...

damnyouretall3547d ago

i quit playin and have been waiting for the patch. this is good news :)

lastdual3547d ago

I just hope there is no big catch to getting rid of the lag, such as reduced environmental detail or bodies and clutter disappearing as soon as you exit and re-enter an area, etc.

Silly Mammo3547d ago

I actually stopped playing after being in 78 hours. The game started locking up every 15 minutes or so even with all the autosaves turned off. I never really experienced the lag or save problems. I'll try it again when the patch is released, but I have too many games backlogged to mess with Skyrim.