Hitman dev: "stealth is a tough genre both for players and developers"

OXM UK: "There was a time when stealth gaming took gumption, a time when escaping the enemy's notice required more than the willingness not to enter every single area at a headlong sprint, cackling like a hyena. A time when murdering discreetly involved careful planning and on-the-fly cunning, rather than mere patience and luck."

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Bundi2936d ago

No it isn't. Blood money was very fun, I enjoyed playing thru it only killing the targets and mostly through "accidents." Man I wish I hadn't traded that game.

NYC_Gamer2936d ago

pure bull shit.many of us enjoy the stealth genre.

roadkillers2936d ago

I think that being stealthy in games is one of the hardest things to do, lots of patience required. Although when you do get the upperhand on people, you feel like a badass.

gigreen2936d ago

The stealth in Blood Money was excellent.
I remember spending countless hours on the hospital and theater levels just to make every death look like an accident. What a brillant game.
If Absolution dares to cut down on the stealthy gameplay and possibilities, I'm not playing it.

unknownhero11232936d ago

I want a PROPER hitman game, not excuses!

Venox20082936d ago

I want it to be a good Hitman game too.. I hope it won't be like Ubisoft done to Splinter Cell: convinction

unknownhero11232936d ago

you're going to be dissappointed then, here's some info from the finnish(?)mag Pelaaja:

- Hiding in plain sight means going to a pre-determined spot and 47 starts to interact with some object in this case with a pile of paper (like eating a donut in released gameplay). This seems to grant some kind of immunity to being spotted.

- Game doesnt punish from going everywhere with guns blazing and 47 is able to take down enemies using QTE melee

- Unlike in previous games enemies can return to neutral state from alerted if player kills all the enemies in the area

- 'Focus' meter can be used to slow down time or even RDR style painting the targets and 47 one-shotting them when finished(sound familiar?)

- You still can't save in middle of a mission but there are few checkpoints in every map (the demo took place between two checkpoints)(sounds linear doesn't it?)

- 47 was too weak in previous games and they wanted to him be the badass unstoppable killing machine that he should be(he's not john rambo, he's an assassin)

the final insult

- No matter what we would do with the game there will always be some angry fans because they're so protective of the series. It is great to know that the franchise still has hardcore fans after all these years but we also need to think new players and try to make everyone happy. I know that it is hard to hear and that these previews have made some of the older fans angry but this is just the beginning. Just wait and you will see more in the future. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

unknownhero11232936d ago

the rest of the info can be found on this page link:

it's conviction all over again. WARN EVERYBODY!

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