Finally You Can Get an Achievement for Leaving the House

GR - "We've all seen the picture above and laughed as if we didn't know it applied to us. The truth is that those pesky digital achievements are just that much more fun than regular achievements and hearing that sound when you unlock a trophy by, for instance, sliding down the fireman's pole in Ghostbusters, makes you glow with pride like you're a child again, actually being rewarded for your excellence."

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BrutallyBlunt3549d ago

Awesome news! In the near future I hope we can also get rewarded for getting off the couch. I would have mentioned having a shower but that takes too much time away from my gaming.

grahf3549d ago

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the "Age of Achievements, Trophies, and Badges!" Where meaningless tasks that you would never think of in a million years reward you with a cute icon and POINTS. Collect more points/trophies/badges/achieve ments, and be the envy of your friends and the gaming community at large! Think you're done with that game? No way! You didn't get all the trophies, so play the game some more till you get them all! Act now, and you can buy DLC to collect even more achievements!

Badges, achievements, and trophies, and the shit-spoiled generation of gamers that have been spoon fed nothing but feel-good bullcrap for wiping their own asses have facilitated this utter NEED for virtual recognigition.

First Fitocracy, which rewards you with XP for exercising, and now there is an app that gives you a false sense of accomplishment for doing even more mundane tasks, or, if my gut-feeling on the direction that this app will take once the community is involved, incentive to do some pretty horrific things.

(I do appreciate LevelHead's /sarcasm!)

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madara0sama3549d ago

I been trying to get that achievement for over a week now.