Kid Icarus Uprising works with Circle Pad Pro

Masahiro Sakurai has told Official Nintendo Magazine that Kid Icarus Uprising will support the Circle Pad Pro.

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Colwyn3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I was looking forward to kid icarus,wave race and a few other exclusives but I'm abandoning the 3ds.Lol. I love the ps vita even more. I am an early 3ds buyer and I refuse to buy the add-on circle pad even though I know most 3ds games will require it. The 3ds should have been made with two analog sticks or circle pad and its inevitable that there will be a redesign 3ds with 2 circle pads. To each his own, but Im done with supporting the 3ds because it is shoddy hardware. The ps vita is superior in everyway but I know a lot of fanboys like to negate that fact and claim its the opposite.