Pack shots revealed for PS Vita memory cards

Several pack shots have been revealed by online retailer,, for the upcoming memory card accessories of the Playstation Vita, which will be released in North America in February.

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shaun mcwayne3543d ago

100 quid for a mem card on top of the price of the vita, ram it up yer mem card slot sony. I wont be getting the vita day one this time round, ill see how it takes off and wait for a price drop.

MasterCornholio3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

So your claiming that the cheapest memory card for the Vita is 100€. So affording to you it's impossible for a memory c ard to be cheaper than 100€ on the Vita. I hate to tell you this but your just misinformed. Seriously how could you not know that the cheapest card which is 4GB in size costs 20€. Sure I agree with people that the cards are expensive but the cheapest one is 20€ not 100€ like you claim.


Razongunz3543d ago

oh and i know it doesnt really matter but there is difference in euros pounds and dollars xD 16 GB is 69 dollars i belive and 40 pounds/euros..which is the highest available at launch in europe, only japan and US get 32 gig at launch..which i do't really see the point in but oh well :P

resistance1003543d ago

Where are Memory cards for 100 quid? Most expensive on here is £40.......

Razongunz3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

*I wont be getting the vita day one this time round*
so u allready got it day one? wow seems like we have a time traveler with us today!

and yeah..uh its not 100 pounds..its 100 dollars..and 1 more thing..EUROPE doesnt get the 32 GB at launch so the biggest u can get at launch is a 16 gb which i belive is around 40 pounds..

cheapest mem card in UK is 15 quid = 4 GB card or 20 dollars.

Half-Mafia3543d ago

i got a 16gb card for £35 from Asda. Best price ive found.

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