Call of Duty: The Movie Coming Soon! Sort Of...

But damn close if you ask me. I don’t usually write articles about films but when a buddy of mine showed me this trailer I couldn’t help but draw strong parallels to the famed military shooter. They’re so close in fact, that if you took away the title reveal at the end and replaced it with Call of Duty, I wouldn’t question it. All that’s missing is Soap.

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DesVader3549d ago

It could be, it could be. You are right that a lot of the inserts look suspiciously gaming, taking on a first person view (luckily it looks a lot better than the Doom movie version, but then again, that's not hard).

granthinds3549d ago

Ye, and even the set pieces seem like they've been stolen straight from like evry Call of Duty ever made. And to be honest, they're far more fun to play than to watch.

vrylstminute3549d ago

John, I don't want to you go to wa.....[YOUR CONNECTION HAS BEEN LOST]

*damn telkom!*

granthinds3549d ago

Damn them telekomoonikashins companies!

BuffMordecai3549d ago

One soldier starts firing at an enemy who is jerking forward and backward and then the soldier dies, his killcam pops up and it looks like he was the one standing still.

blumatt3548d ago

lmao That gave me a chuckle. Bubble up for Funny.

This trailer really does draw some CoD-esque vibe.

Foxgod3548d ago

Will this movie have a scene where a soldier is spraying 10 warheads a second on a platoon of soldiers?

a_bro3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

will this movie have nukes? its not a COD movie without nukes and a no russian moment -_-

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