WRC2 Review – Another one bites the dirt (

2010’s World Rally Championship was a decent game that was severely hamstrung in terms of presentation and content. In a genre that has gone beyond point to point races into more exotic ideas such as gymkhana and full-on, multi-terrain races, this pure rallying experience was always going to have a tough time trying to appeal beyond the niche audience that would be keen for it.

So with the inevitable sequel now sitting on store shelves, can WRC2 move beyond it’s traditional constraints, or is this a case of Déjà two?

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AgentWD403539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

I prefer wrc 2 because it has better physics, feels like a rally game and not an extreme sports advertisement. dirt 3 got boring very quickly.

Knushwood Butt3539d ago

Kind of off topic, but I really hate the way in WRC 2010 that the finishing line of the stage ALWAYS has an indestructible scaffolding structure thing there that is barely wider than the width of your car.

Where on earth did they get that from???? No WRC stages have anything like that...

Also, I hate the co-driver.