IGN - CES: Hands-on with PlayMemories on PS Vita and PS3

IGN - Though Sony's press conference at CES this week was hardly monumental, there were a few key announcements, not the least of which was the expansion to Sony's PlayMemories service to the PS Vita and PlayStation 3.

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LiL T3544d ago

Watched the confrence yesterday and was intrested in this but does anybody know the release date. It seems to be working on all the devices.

fei-hung3544d ago

Didn't they say spring this year?

LiL T3544d ago

Crappy, should be out now since it "seemed" to work fine. Ah well looking forward to using it and some of those nice devices from ces.

tarbis3544d ago

Hmm.. interesting. Does this mean PSV will have a video recording app?

Ddouble3544d ago

Reminds of the video editing in Dissida which was very good. Should be a good feature on the Vita

r213543d ago

couldnt they just make a mini version of their Vegas Pro. its an awesome video editing software :D