360 gets Phantasy Star in December

Sega have announced that the Xbox 360 version of Phantasy Star Universe is set to follow the PS2 version's release, hitting Japan in December.

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Boink5860d ago

I won't pay monthly for this crap, free online I would gladly buy the game...but to bad so sad.

Microsoft Master5860d ago

I've never liked Japanese games (i'm not racist for the record) they just don't appeal to me. But i may give this game a chance...

TheXgamerLive5860d ago

But I wont buy unless it's released for less than $20.00.

ElementX5859d ago

I remember Phantasy Star 1-3 on Sega. Those were awesome games, even though I was in elementary school and didn't know much about plotlines and stuff. I remember finding Odin in the first Phantasy Star game in a tunnel somewhere and how you could only walk through forests if one of your characters had an axe.

THE TRUTH5859d ago

after quiting FFXI on PS2 (just takes up too much time to do anything!) I will be picking this up with or without monthly fees. I'm excited about the voice-chat because using the keyboard to talk is just so slow.