The Ten Most Exciting 2012 Releases (And The Five Least Exciting)

If 2012 really is the year the world ends, we’re goin’ out with a bang from a gaming standpoint. As we join hands and prepare to embrace the apocalypse, let’s take a look at the ten most promising games set to release this year, as well as the five least promising…relatively speaking. I don’t mean the five absolute worst games that are coming in 2012, just the noteworthy ones that are not shaping up well.

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Kal8533548d ago

So is a white and rainbow bear.

Kal8533548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I actually am looking forward to the Darkness II. The first game was fun and original, and the sequel looks even better. The comic was awesome too.

vickers5003548d ago

Me too. Twisted Metal and The Darkness 2 are my most anticipated early releases of the year.

SageHonor3548d ago

OH LOOK!!!!!!

It's this list again. (-__-)

Slugg3r3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I thought Far cry 3 looked awesome! I don't believe they're gonna make same mistakes over again.

Neo Nugget3548d ago

Yeah, that E3 demo was *insanely* wicked.

mynameisEvil3548d ago

If there's one game I don't understand why people are hyped up about it, it's Hitman: Absolution.

I saw that gameplay and it looked like it took the Hitman franchise's gameplay, took a shit on it, then threw it into a tub of piss. It's so... linear and scripted. That is NOT how Hitman is supposed to be... *sigh*

mttrackmaster383548d ago

It was just the tutorial level. Do you not remember Blood Money's first mission? It was linear too. Shit, every open-ended mission based game I've ever played has a linear first level to introduce the game mechanics.

Plus, if you go to the official forums the developers are very vocal and have said that the level they showed and all the other ones do indeed have many different ways to complete them. You just have to do a little research.

mynameisEvil3548d ago

I do remember Blood Money's tutorial level, in fact. And there were multiple ways to go through with it, you know.

As for what the developers say, it's not something I'm going to go ahead and just go , "Oh, well it must be true, then". Developers say what will sell their game. We'll see how the game is when it comes out.

limewax3547d ago

if you already expect it to suck then its unlikely you will even let a good demo impress you

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The story is too old to be commented.