Why The Legend of Zelda Doesn't Need a Definitive Reboot

ZI writes: 'If you're the type who spends a fair amount of time amongst online Zelda communities, much too often you will hear the statement "Zelda is in need of a reboot". There are always some fans crying out for the series to wipe the sleight clean and start afresh. A cry for Nintendo to start a new continuity just like you'd expect with Batman from DC Comics.

Even with the release of the official timeline some fans still believe the third arc's "legends" approach is a mess and Nintendo should start over. Personally, I disagree entirely with anyone who voices this sentiment. The philosophy behind the development of Zelda titles has always been gameplay first and story later, but not in a bad way.'

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jc485733549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

we need to reboot consumers or gamers.

MultiConsoleGamer3549d ago

I liked things better when nothing made sense.

Gr813549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

It does. This is no more apparent with the release of skyward sword. Not so much a reboot as a more back to the drawing board. Zelda has become to fargone from its origins.