Should Adaptive Difficulty Be The Future Of Video Games?

The question of difficulty in gaming is one that never ceases to cause problems. How easy is easy? Why is hard never really hard? With such an inability to please everyone, why do developers not attempt to tailor their difficulty to the individual player?

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Jdoki3547d ago

I dislike the easy, medium, hard etc difficulty levels of some games, and the slider bars in stuff like Skyrim.

But I don't know if adaptive difficulty is the answer - because how does the game gauge what's the right level - if I struggle in a particular section of a game I want to have the sense of accomplishment when I finally beat it. not feel the game gave me a free pass.

Death and difficulty in games is going to be a huge thing as the industry matures, and I don't know any dev who has really cracked it.

Perhaps adaptive AI is the answer, rather than adaptive difficulty.