Brodus Clay WWE '12 DLC Already Outdated

As some if you may have already saw, Brodus Clay finally came back to the WWE but he debuted with a new persona and a new theme song.

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MrBeatdown3541d ago

Not really a big deal. I haven't gotten to WWE 12 yet, but if it's like previous games, it's not much trouble to change his outfit's color, swap his entrance music with a custom soundtrack, and give him a different entrance.

CrimsonEngage3540d ago

Good lord his debut was awful. People were expecting him to come out and be a monster and instead we get the funk-a-saurus.

princeofthabay3540d ago

awful? I found it to be entertaining. Besides another big heel isn't what Raw needs right now with Kane in the picture.I also liked it because it was a surprise WWE hasn't surprised me in a long time.

MrBeatdown3540d ago

I can't say I'm a fan of the gimmick since I don't think he can go very far as a comedy character, but it was nice that they tried to do something aside from the tired "me big, me hit you hard" gimmick that so many big guys get stuck with.

And Brodus really seemed to give it his all. He looked like he was really into it, so at least it will be entertaining while it lasts.

princeofthabay3540d ago

yea its a silly gimmick but people like john cena and rikishi made careers off silly gimmicks

Reibooi3540d ago

When they introed him and he came down the ramp I couldn't help but roll my eyes. But as the match went on he did these tiny little things that made him funny and entertaing so while I don't think it's the best gimmick in the world and it will really limit where he can go I do think it's better then him just being the stereotypical strong man they were trying to make him earlier last year.

princeofthabay3540d ago

gimmicks dont limit where you go the fans do

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Foxgod3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

I think the guys is in terrible condition, no matter how talented a wrestler is, they really have to be in good condition.

Brodus clay looks like a human flapjack broiled in grease...
Thats as wrong as a fat cop going persuit on foot....

tdogg060519913540d ago

Someone who was supposed to be a monster turns into a funkasaurus? But when I saw him wrestle his moves were pretty good and he was entertaining, who talks during a match. They needed someone like this and I think he can do really well.

Deadpool6163540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Talk about staying ahead of the game. 2012 just started 10 days ago and boom the world of wrestling is a different place.

If any type of game needed constant updates, it would have to be wrestling games.

As for Brodus Clay...what a twist! I guess they needed a persona that can sell merch. I just hope his mic skills can match his exuberance.

CoryHG3540d ago

This game sucks. Stick with allstars.

2pacalypsenow3540d ago

Im pissed they dont update the rosters for a whole year