What the new Xbox 360 dashboard tells us about the Xbox 720. Hint: It won't be a games console

GamesRadar - However much you might or might not hate the aesthetic of the new dashboard (and being a new dashboard, tradition dictates that a lot of you probably do), this article isn’t about that. No, you see the new dashboard is a statement about a lot more than Microsoft’s current aesthetic predilections. It’s the clearest roadmap one could possibly want in regards to pointing the direction Microsoft’s next console will take.

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AmaZinG3541d ago

No more Cods or Halos guys...

Nothing to see here.

xPhearR3dx3541d ago

Honestly, I believe the PS4 and Xbox 720 (W/e they may be called) will be much more than just for playing games. Obviously, Microsoft is much further down this path than Sony, but come next-gen. Our consoles will be multimedia entertainment devices that also plays games.

EVILDEAD3603541d ago

The author is blind. Why try to mislead people away from facts. Sorry Gamesradar..we actually own one.

You can play your GAMES from the home button as SOON as you turn your 360 on.

You also can go to quickplay (great idea) to access ALL of your live collection immediately. If you have 6 years worth like me you love this feature.

The next tab goes to social which is where everyone accesses their friends-list, which is what Live is all about.

It's silly that these media guys are pretending that it take sooooo much effort to click a couple of tabs over to find what you need to find.

Either way the Wii has never been all about games, the PS3 has nver been all about games, how are these guys acting like they never turned a console on since gthe PS2 days?

That's like saying because my I-phone is filled with apps on the about 6 pages worth that it's not a phone.

Fan blogger silliness on major media sites..guess they need hits too.


pc_masterrace3540d ago

of course it will but it seems that MS focus for the xbox is shifting from just a dedicated gaming box to a more of a gaming/entertainment hub. they see the direction that Apple's iCloud/iOS/Apple TV is going and they want to try and beat them to the punch.

vishant1013541d ago

Ok ive got one thing to say nothing of this is bad no the thing that is bad is that xbox now lacks first party support if microsoft could offer all of these experiences with a good range of first party titles the xbox would be the console to buy but it looks like to offer these experiences is a cost to the games we get which is why we are complaining its not that we hate the new apps we love them, but these apps should be a bonus that we get with the xbox not the reason we have to buy the xbox.

princejb1343540d ago

MS always suffered from first party titles, i think you mean exclusives
but even though they dont have first party titles they been doing great so far with third party support

Hicken3540d ago

Microsoft doesn't "do great" with third party support. Not the way they do- or would- with first party support. (And yes, first party support means exclusives.)

princejb1343540d ago

first party titles is mostly from first party studios they own such as rare with banjo

SuperSaiyan43541d ago

Despite the fact Microsoft doesnt have huge 1st party support they will have to turn things around next gen.

The PSVita already gives a glimpse into what the next Playstation could do in terms of online, adding party chat, better GUI etc.

This gen Microsoft is holding onto Kinect and Xbox Live being its reasons even though it has tons of arcade games on Live and lots of multi platform games, next gen buying exclusive DLC for a few months isnt going to cut it.

badkolo3541d ago

I agree with some points but its this simple, if ms abandons games to much then they will lose out to gamers who will choose the wiiu or ps4 over the next xbox.

ms can go as hard as they want with this entertainment hub idea as they want and its welcomed but they cant simply abandon games, if they do they will be doomed.

urwifeminder3541d ago

Even though im getting a new pc id still give the new xbox and wii u a go.

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