3 Kanye West video-game ideas

Bitmob - Hip-hop mega-star Kanye West apparently wants to start making video games.

The Watch the Throne rapper recently took to Twitter to tease about his new design company, DONDA. He wants to eventuallly expand it into "22 divisions, with a goal to make products and experiences that people want and can afford." West aspires to assemble great minds from a wide variety of fields which includes, naturally, video games.

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acronkyoung3540d ago

Kanye West would make the greatest video game of all time. OF ALL TIME!

THR1LLHOUSE3540d ago

And then Taylor Swift can make her own heartfelt video game that everyone will love because she overcame the hardship of being interrupted.

It will be about unicorns that were unpopular in high school.

THR1LLHOUSE3540d ago

What's that Kanye West song that's in every video game trailer? Why don't we just cut out the middlemen and make that song a video game?

Sadie21003540d ago

OK, when's the last time a mainstream start actually crossed over to make a great game? C'mon now....

SybaRat3540d ago


NagaSotuva3540d ago

So this Kanye West he famous or something?