Got a Vacancy? Bill O’Reilly is Moving into Your Xbox 360 Soon

Eder Campuzano writes, "In its final keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft announced that it’s inked a deal with News Corporation, bringing programming from FOX, The Wall Street Journal and IGN to the Xbox 360. Much like the console’s current YouTube and ESPN apps, this likely means you’ll have a dedicated channel through which The Simpsons, Peter Griffin, and, yes, even Bill O’Reilly will be living inside your Xbox 360."

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lionelglitchy3548d ago

right wing neo-con bullshit on my console,no thanks

edgeofblade3548d ago

You don't have to use it.

You also don't have to get offended at things just for the sake of getting offended.

Things you don't like exist. Get over it.

gamer78043548d ago

you can just not install whatever apps you want to customize your 360 experience.

floetry1013548d ago

The serial video-game hecklers are getting a spot on gaming console.

Oh dear, the irony is delicious.

mayberry3548d ago

I can see it now... Article about banning video games, front page on the 360! wth!

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The story is too old to be commented.