Out of Continues Ep 10: Rewarding of RPGs

On Episode 10 of Out of Continues, we start the new year off with Fug World community admin, Paint Can. We talk about the games we’ve been playing, have a discussion on role-playing games, and a discussion on rewarding players and customers. We follow that up by reading questions and feedback from the listeners, and I close things off with a give-away for the listeners. There will be two winners, one will win a copy of Fallout 3 GOTY edition which includes all of the DLC, as well as one listener will win a copy of Fallout New Vegas. Listen to the show to find out how to win! Deadline is Friday Jan 13, 2012 at noon time EST for the giveaway.

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phosphor1123549d ago

Nice discussion of RPGs. Keep up the good work. I'll be sure to sign up for the contest!

sayedstafa3548d ago

Glad you enjoyed the show

Matrix2k3548d ago

Pretty lame discussion of rpgs.

phosphor1123548d ago

Why is that? They cover both JRPG and WRPG's extensively. Most other websites just don't even talk about the pros or cons of either and just say if they like it or not.

sayedstafa3548d ago

Thanks for listening, you mind elaborating on how I can improve on the show?

tarbis3548d ago ShowReplies(1)