Best Multiplayer Co-op of 2011 [MediaStinger]

MediaStinger: "Co-op was the trend this year with many of the biggest games adding the ability to play through their campaigns with 2-4 other players cooperatively and one game easily stood out from the rest."

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jspencep3540d ago

I just got Portal 2 and it's a game I can actually get my girlfriend to play with me. She's as good as me at it (arguably better, but I would never tell her)! It's quite entertaining and challenging.
Uncharted 3's co-op has been a lot of fun as well, it requires a lot of teamwork.

spicelicka3540d ago

gears 3 has absolutely amazing co-op, 4 player throughout the whole campaign, plus horde mode. Portal is the best co-op game in terms of teamwork, but i would say gears 3 has the best co-op of the year in terms of gameplay.