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With new and creative titles-Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure - or the brilliant mixture of traditional table-top gaming integrated with virtual reality, stat tracking, and custom modifications on the fly by SurfaceScapes, the capacity for gamers to jump between the what can be seen as the antiquated board gaming night and the graphically indulging binary fest that has come to define video games. Now the fear of losing the “classics” will hopefully diminish over time and the new generation will be able to appreciate Monopoly and Catan like never before. Luckily, porting board games to current generation game systems though risky has paid off and also gives us a glimmer of hope that more and more traditional games will find new life online or in our game consoles.

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MultiConsoleGamer3548d ago

When I first heard about Skylanders I didn't know what to think. Then I went to visit my family for the holidays. The kids in my family love it. And whenever I visit the stores, I see kids mobbing the store displays.

I suspected Skylanders would be a success because of the big push at retail, but nothing like this.

Interesting article. Really got me thinking.

joeboo693548d ago

As far as marketing goes, Skylanders is genius. As a parent though I'm very annoyed with it. It sets a precedent that no longer is video games and action figure divided. Now when I buy my kid a video game I'm going to have to buy them action figures to... lol I'm very so-so on the whole ordeal.