Japanese Magazine: Square Enix have no chance of existing in 10 years

Shukan Gendai admits Square Enix to an almost no chance to exist in ten years. Hard to imagine, but who would have thought many years ago that Midway or Acclaim...

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Ranma13549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

They were once my favourite company (back when they were squaresoft)...sadly i think the company might go bankrupt, since it seems incapable of making quality games.

If anything, the sales of FF13-2 being a third of FF13 and FF10-2's first week sales...should be a wakeup call

Ashriel3549d ago

What about sqare enix europe?

MrWiggle3549d ago

They're all busy doing hard work at Disney Land Paris

Rainstorm813549d ago

As long as Sqeenix publishes games like Just Cause 2 and Tomb Raider...they will survive

But IMHO they will NEVER return to the former glory of Squaresoft

Snookies123549d ago

While I agree they haven't been doing well since becoming Square-Enix. I truly have one last hope, that is Versus XIII. Since it's being headed by Tetsuya Nomura, it has a great chance of being something special. Unlike the sorry excuses of Final Fantasy's we've been getting post-FFX.

Captain Qwark 93549d ago

if they made a sequel to chrono cross or kingdom hearts they may pick themselves bacl up. give fans the 7 remake as well. hook up with nintendo to create a much needed sequel to legend of the seven stars.......

in two mintutes i came up with a plan that could save them yet somehow they cant figure it out :/

na-no-nai3549d ago

They need to make a sequel to the legend of the seven stars; such an awesome game.

Inception3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

In that list

Gree: 6 points
Capcom: 1 point
Koei Tecmo: 0 points
Konami: 1 point
Square Enix: 0 points
Sega: 0 points
Sony Computer Entertainment: 2 points
Nintendo: 7 points
Namco Bandai: 2 points

Lol, someone else tell me what is GREE???
what games they already made?
and is it great?

Burning_Finger3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Gree is the biggest developer of mobile social gaming in Japan with a 100+ million users. They are like the Zynga(creator of Farmville) version in North America.

Inception3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

@burning finger
So, Gree is just like Zynga? Okay, maybe they will exist in 10 years cause social gaming are big right now. And thx for the info mate, bubs up for u :)

@capt qwark 9
Yeah, i think they prediction are a bit too off. Gaming industry are big and big names like SE and SEGA aren't that easy to disappear in just 10 years.

Captain Qwark 93549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

lmao if i read that correctly, the 1-10 scale is chance of survival in the next decade? ( 10 being definitely and 0 being bankrupt? )

im no sony fanboy lol but to say they wont be around in 10 is ridiculous, there an amazing console maker and even when down and out, look at the comeback they made this gen. they should be a 10, they will be going nowhere.

and as for the rest, imo....
Gree: ?
Capcom: 1 point - accurate but at least dmc and RE-ORC look great, hopefully the next RE goes back to its roots and cap starts listening to its fanbase
Koei Tecmo: 0 points - i say 5 points, Dynasty warriors keeps bringing in the bucks somehow
Konami: 1 point - really? more like 8 points MGS is always a guarantee, many other franchises to bank off as well
Square Enix: 0 points - no way, 8 min. FF will always sell, even if its not the crazy number it used to put up, it can keep them floating
Sega: 0 points - once again, not a chance, 8 points. they will just make more sonic games.
Sony Computer Entertainment: 2 points - lmao, already addressed
Nintendo: 10 points - they will never cease to exist, i may not be into them anymore but their characters will always be number 1 to kids and familly
Namco Bandai: 2 points - idk for sure but i hope so, they publish froms softwares games in the states so i need them

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