Square Enix moved headquarters based on advice from a fortune teller named Pao, now will move again

Square Enix was previously based in Tokyo's Meguro ward, but the company moved to Shinjuku in 2004. Famed composer and former employee Nobuo Uematsu previously claimed the move was spurred by a fortune teller's prediction.

"[Square Enix CEO and president Yoichi] Wada took a couple of locations to a fortune teller named Pao," said Uematsu. "Pao said the Meguro space was not going to bring any fortune to the company, and pointed to Shinjuku. That's why he decided to move it there. I heard this directly from Wada."

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Ranma13334d ago

People think his been at Square for a long time when they sed to make great games.

The truth is, he joined Square in late 2000/2001. Many people think he was there before.

But i think he (and Toriyama) are the reasons SE is going downhill.

He came too late to put his "intelligent ideas" into FF10 and ruin it...

Chaostar3334d ago

Easiest way to tell if a fortune teller is legit is to walk straight up to him/her the moment you meet and punch them in the face.

If they were for real they would have seen it coming ;P

Slightly more on topic: This explains a lot.

Urrakia343334d ago

Seeing Ranma1 comment 3 times in his own article submission without any other person commenting leads me to believe that he is quite the lonely, desperate individual.

Death3334d ago


Maybe he was the fortune teller they didn't listen to and now he's being spiteful!


Bathyj3334d ago

They should be listening to their fans.

Death3334d ago

I wasn't consulted about the move.

I dunno. A proper VII remake and then a true successor on the same game engine with the same game mechanics would be a step in the right direction. I would think the story is what drives an RPG, not so much new mechanics or graphics. Am I alone in thinking years ago that the evolution of FF would be a game very similar to VII, but with graphics more on par with the animations and cut scenes? Instead Square was under the impression we wanted incredibly linear and predictable story lines with very little interactivity. Maybe the movie was such a hit that hey decided to pattern the games after it?


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