CES: Up-to-Date PlayStation Vita Sales

During Sony's CES Press Conference at CES 2012, Sony President Kaz Hirai revealed new, up-to-date sales figures for the PlayStation Vita. As of January 5th, PlayStation Vita has officially sold 500,000 units in Japan. Since January 5th marks the 20th day Vita was on the market, Sony's new handheld is averaging 25,000 units sold per day.

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Dante1123549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

"As of January 5th, PlayStation Vita has officially sold 500,000 units in Japan."


Sweet, so they sold all of their shipment in 20 days.

blumatt3549d ago

Great news. I'll have mine when it comes State-side in February. Wifi model and a couple games and 16GB memory card. I really hope there will be third party memory cards eventually that are a bit cheaper.

@Bundi (below)
You're just asking to get marked for trolling, aren't you? Do you get a rise out of it or something? It's getting really old.

Colwyn3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

the funny thing is that even though the ps vita is selling well, fanboys and haters wont even take the official numbers from sony and would rather believe in unofficial numbers from strangers. even if the haters sold the ps vita units themselves, they would still sit in disbelief of anything that is a positive sign for sony. sony made the gaming industry a billion dollar business that inturn spawned a lot of journalists and gaming website but in return they are being treated unfairly when they are constantly releasing video games and systems of high quality.

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badz1493549d ago

half a million in 20 days in Japan. I think that's good numbers and that's still not including HK numbers!

memory cards are expensive though but props to Sony for actually making the PSN version of games cheaper than retail!

ronin4life3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

The thing is, he followed up with "25,000 are sold daily.", to which I assume he continues to be speaking of Japan.
Just last week, sony sold to consumers just over 40,000. It is impossible that sony is selling 25,000 a day to consumers , so they must mean to retailers. 25,000 * 7(days) =175,000, -45,000(people owning a vita)= 130,000 unsold vita units that week.
I won't sit here stating the vita is doomed as I do think things wil pick up, but if what I deduced from the information given is true that's hardly good news so far.

badz1493549d ago

he was speaking in terms of average, right? 500k/20 days = 25k per day.

Bundi3549d ago ShowReplies(8)
Half-Mafia3549d ago

I watched the Sony CES press conference and Kaz said over half a million.

stephmhishot3549d ago

I seriously can't wait for this thing. Can't wait to experience another Uncharted

badz1493549d ago

you won't be disappointed!

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