Netflix, Music Unlimited Coming to PS Vita

Sony's Consumer Electronics Show conference is live right now, and soon-to-be Sony President Kaz Hirai has already revealed some new information about the PlayStation Vita.

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knifefight3544d ago

I wonder if something similar will be available for Japan?

(Netflix on PS3 doesn't work here.)

doctorstrange3544d ago

You have a Netflix-like thing over there?

knifefight3544d ago

Not that I know of. Netflix doesn't work and when I ask people about it, they tell me I can rent DVDs at suchandsuch, then at great length, I describe what Netflix is, and they're always like "ヘーーー、 すごい!" Wooow!

ikkokucrisis3544d ago

Amazon Prime would be a good option too!

badz1493544d ago

don't really know what is it but something like TV service, right? but it has trophies?? how the hell does THAT work?

T3mpr1x3544d ago

That makes Music Unlimited more enticing, with it also on my Xperia PLAY...

Lifewish3544d ago

i still need to try out more of Music Unlimited.

Spitfire_Riggz3544d ago

Music Unlimited is definitely more enticing on the go

ftwrthtx3544d ago

I hope Netflix subtitles work like they do on the PS3 when available.

WildArmed3544d ago

They better.
The Netflix Online-viewing interface has improved ALOT over the years (yay). So I'm guessing the PS Vita Netflix should at least include all the features of the PS3 counterpart.

Maybe even allow you to suggest movies that your PSN friends can see? Idk, it'd be interesting if they take a Social approach with Netflix on Vita. So far everything in Vita is going towards defining it as a 'social' device.

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The story is too old to be commented.