The true brilliance behind Shadow of the Colossus: Part 1

A colossal creature skulks through a wide, cavernous valley, shaking the very foundation of the land with each sluggish step. The shattered horns atop its head, reminiscent of a minotaur’s, seem to pierce the sky itself. A young man — that’s you, Wander — stands at its feet, gripping an ancient sword tightly in his hand. Leaping into action, you hold the sword high above your head, pointing it toward the heavens. It begins to pulse with light magic. To form an effective attack plan, you reflect the beams toward the massive creature, revealing its vitals. Now your task is clear: a few stabs to its towering cranium should bring the beast down.

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Hicken3549d ago

I've owned this game three times now. Actually, I own it twice at the same time: HD collection and original on PS2. Second PS2 copy, as I traded my first in for cash in a tight spot. Not getting rid of it again, though. Masterpiece is the right word for this game.

baodeus3549d ago

This game is about relationship. U get used to it and suddenly they take it away. Its portrait that quote " u won't know what u missing until u loose it" perfectly. One of the best experiences i ever had on ps2. Masterpiece it is.

baodeus3549d ago

agro, agro....after that stop, man i felt the sorrow sinking in. It seems like they are using a similar concept for their new game as well.

remanutd553548d ago

yea , very similar , The Last Guardian is my most anticipated title this generation , i mean i was dying to play God of War 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4 ( which btw are my 2 favorite games on the system so far ) but i really love Team Ico work and the experience they create so i cant wait to play The Last Guardian

Son_Lee3549d ago

In my opinion, this game doesn't hold up today. I played the HD version last year and it just felt boring by today's standards. In 2006, it was a classic; nowadays, it's just not up to par.

Oh, and Ico is one of the worst games ever made *flame shield up*.

remanutd553548d ago

everyone is entitled to their opinions , what you can consider great i could consider garbage so its all different opinions btw i didnt disagree

Son_Lee3548d ago

At least you recognize it's MY opinion. Everyone can disagree if they want, because that's THEIR opinion. I hate when people automatically assume that anything you say on here is fact by all. Good to see someone with some brains. Thank you.

Fragger2k83548d ago

I just started playing this and Ico yesterday for the first time, and they're both pretty good games. I'm liking SotC a lot more than Ico, though.

I know SotC is a last gen game, but it's kind of funny that you have this big area to ride through, yet it's completely empty, other than the Colossi that you have to bring down. =P That's really my only complaint about the game, though.

I'm having a lot of fun with it. It's pretty epic. =P