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123KINECT writes:"I felt the first Yoostar for Kinect was a pretty well thought game and unique title so I had some higher expectations for this one. If you haven’t heard of either, here’s what Yoostar is about:
Some games give you a chance to star in your own show. This one gives you the keys to an entire network! Take over MTV in this Yoostar game that puts you inside your favorite MTV shows and music videos. Star in 80 scenes from 20 different MTV programs capturing some of the most memorable moments in MTV network history, from the Moon Man statues to the Jersey Shore. Perform hits from artists like Snoop and Lady Gaga in karaoke-style music video sing-alongs. You can share your best (or worst) performances on Facebook and Twitter, where your clips will live alongside the moments featuring the real stars of MTV."

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LiL T2473d ago

Wow with all these great reviews of kinect games from 123kinect I feel lbad I don't have one, I am missing out on greatness. /s

TheDivine2473d ago

Some idiot went on a massive kinect trolling spree lol. Nice.

evilunklebud2473d ago

True... all this hate in the world....

Perjoss2473d ago

I thought it was some kind of troll site at first but there are 4 Kinect games they gave a 9 to and 12 other Kinect games that scored 8, so they do not only hand out low scores :)

evilunklebud2473d ago (Edited 2473d ago )

Some cherry picking, troll-like person seems to be "choosing" these.

They should direct their energies to more useful pursuits.