New Gran Turismo Track Revealed in NSX Concept Video

New track location(s) are revealed in Polyphony Digital’s latest promotional video, introducing the new Acura NSX Concept.

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LiL T3549d ago

This game gets better all the time. The nsx looks ok, kinda steals some R8 stuff but still pretty cool. I cant wait for this new track and cars. My friend just got the new Fanatec wheel and I wanna see how it is on GT5, rockin a G27 for now.

Jihaad_cpt3549d ago

sorry dude that does not look anything like the R8.

LiL T3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

SORRY dude did you see the tail lights.

@Enigma, Totaly agree, i have worked on a few and I like the 1st gen NSX and I don't even like hondas.

Me-Time3546d ago

at least, 0:40.

How does that NOT look like an R8? It's the first thing that came to mind when I first saw that.

Enigma_20993549d ago

I didn't like this car at first, but now that I've seen it in motion, I'm starting to warm up to it. I still prefer the original though.