Battlefield Play 4 Free Angers Its Paying Customers

EA lowered the damage of paid-for in-game weapon add-ons in the interest of balancing the game, which upset some players who purchased the items.

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ATi_Elite3547d ago

I actually play this game (at work of course)

And i have to say EAsy have really screwed this game up and ripped off the Gamers who bought Elite and Veteran weapons.

Gamers paid money for these guns and now they got taken away (or reduced to basic model).

anyway the game is so screwed up now it doesn't matter what gun you have cause now they have so much friggin recoil you cant shoot straight anyway and then

1. You can snipe with USAS-12 and Saiga shotguns. up close sure a shotgun will kill you with one shot but a hundred yards away your taking minimal damage. But NOoooo! People are using Saiga's and USAS like sniper/assualt rifles and getting one shot kills at long distances and when used up close you don't even have to aim you will get the kill even if your back is pointed to them.

2. people running around the map with RPG's fitted with the RPG booster means they just launch RPg's at the ground a few feet away and kill everyone on the screen.

3. Mortar Booster makes the game even MOAR broken cause it allows snipers to just bombard any spot on the map with mortar strikes. so basically capture 3 flags then continuously bombard enemy spawn and the game is over. Snipers are getting 50 kills a round without firing one shot from their rifle or handgun.

at first BFP4F was fun but now it's just a cash grab for EA and everything cost too much and is not a "Purchase Forever" item cause as proven EA will just take stuff away.

VonAlbrecht3547d ago

Anyone who thought they could purchase victory in the first place was a fool.