World of Warcraft 64-bit client enters public testing

Player Attack: Blizzard has kicked off 2012 in style, by releasing an early version of the long-overdue 64-bit client for World of Warcraft.

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koehler833544d ago

I can't believe how obtuse software developers continue to be on the subject of 64-bit software, now in 2012.

hellvaguy3544d ago

Whats really needed is servers mergers. So many servers are getting barren now it sure would help to do end game raiding. Curse you Star Wars!

dreamtheater873544d ago

Server merges would only be a good idea if there was no chance players might return. When MoP comes out it's likely many will.

I'm loving SWTOR at the moment, but it's not the reason I cancelled my WOW sub- I've beaten the new content (on easy mode, admittedly, but that's enough for me), and now there is nothing new in Azeroth for me to do until the next xpac, which is many months away.