New Zealand Version of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Missing Some Features

As previously reported, the Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition is due next month as announced by Warner Bros. but gamers in New Zealand won’t be receiving all the features that were listed.

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jbl3163550d ago

Not sure if I should change the headline to "New Zealand Gets Mortal Kombat UnKomplete Edition" instead lol.

Bathyj3549d ago

Or inKomplete even...

aglot893549d ago

I'd only be pissed off if 'we' (AU/NZ) pay as much, if not more than those in NA. Otherwise, I could do without some music and a code to download the film.

Lord_Sloth3549d ago

Given that it comes with the DLC characters I'd say paying what we did would be a good deal.

NewZealander3549d ago

our government are a bunch of clowns here, so im hardly surprised.

tack1293549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

A movie and a soundtrack? meh, not surprised.

At least we're getting the game.

Hozi3549d ago

Wait, New Zealand is only now getting the game for the first time? is it like that with a lot of games there? I had plans to move to NZ cuz it seems so beautiful there? is the law strict?

tack1293549d ago

No we got the game when it originally came out along with the DLC.

No it isn't as strict as AUS in terms of games (we had an R18 restriction from the get-go)

We got Left 4 Dead 2 uncensored as well as Mortal Kombat. Only a few games got banned here for obvious reasons:

Hozi3549d ago

Sweet! thanks, man...Venezuela has banned all videogames with shooting/guns. that is horrible! I live right next to Venezuela. Thank God I can play all games USA gets.