Great Sale On Origin Lets You Save Up To 40% Off Your Order

If you’ve yet to check out EA’s Origin site, now would be a great time to do so.

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Raider693541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

who the hell is going to buy 4 games in a row just to get 40% discount!And especially buying them on the overprice origin shop!Origin is not going to get much support if they keep the digital games so overprice has they are,frankly Origin is piece of You know what!

SnakeCQC3541d ago

lol imagine someone buying 10 games just to get one free

Shackdaddy8363541d ago

Steam gives you 90% off deals for nothing...

Mutley4163541d ago

...Origin started off on the wrong foot for me...not ready to spend money with them for awhile...can`t confirm a code you sent me in a email...are you kidding me...i just want blackops for the pc for 20$....i gotta roll on some zombies..

KidMakeshift3541d ago

Hey question here

Do you have to register Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (360) in order to unlock content?

There's a voucher with the game that makes it seem that way but I haven't been able to register the game on the EA Origin site. It just goes back to my profile page.

BuffMordecai3541d ago

Steam's good, Origin sucks.