IGN- Wii's Struggle in 2012

IGN- When you're running a relay race, you don't slow down when you're about to hand off the baton. You sprint through, and make sure the momentum you've built up through your leg of the race remains relentless. Rest later - finish the race strong.

Unfortunately for Nintendo fans around the world, that hasn't really been the case with Wii. Some years during the system's lifespan have been very strong, and the motion-based console has received some incredible titles - not to mention phenomenal mainstream success. But just like the GameCube and Nintendo 64, Nintendo hasn't been able to translate its console's strengths into an effective transition to what comes next.

In other words, 2012 is looking a bit rough in terms of new releases, with the possibility of massively delayed imports being the last few moments of hope for the console.

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darthv723544d ago

when gearing up for a new release there is usually a withdrawl of content from the parent company. The majority of support that continues is from 3rd parties that are filling the void to maintain relevance of the platform.

Nintendo did this with the NES when the SNES was coming out. They did it with the SNES when the N64 was releasing and so on and so on. They arent the only company to do this either.

Majority of games released on the PS1 when the PS2 was coming out was from 3rd parties. Sony moved much of their focus over to making the PS2 games a priority during launch. In 2012 nintendo is releasing a new system so it is only obvious that their attention be turned to the next platform.

They know what they are doing as did sony when they were transitioning from current to next gen. Nothing different about it this time. People who have been around for the last several generations know how it works.

Young_ART3544d ago

i agree with you. and like you said the continued support is from 3rd party..............but when it comes to the wii there isn't much of that....never really was.

darthv723544d ago

that just depends on your perspective of support. Most will only look for games that appeal to them and when they dont see them they claim there isnt any support.

From the overall perspective there is loads of games for the wii and wiiware that are made by lesser known companies. 3rd party isnt only limited to EA, activision, namco, konami, capcom, etc.

dedicatedtogamers3544d ago

Nintendo is especially bad about this. They have a habit of giving their consoles/handhelds only two - maaaybe three - years of games, and then they leave it up to 3rd parties and the Nintendo B-teams.

That's why I'm worried about the 3DS. Nintendo already put their big games on it. Ocarina, Mario, Mario Kart. Kid Icarus and the MGS3 remake aren't going to pull the system. Nintendo has shifted their focus to the Wii U and now the 3DS's fate will be up to 3rd parties.

Don't believe me? Simply look up a list of Nintendo console releases by year. The first two years (sometimes more, sometimes less) are front-loaded with great Nintendo games, and then the following years are mostly 3rd-party games.

darthv723544d ago

to work out the link between the wii-u and 3ds unlike their attempt with the ds and wii. I can see them actually using the 3ds as a controller for the wii-u. Something i hoped they would have done with the ds when they first talked about how the ds and wii would communicate with each other.

This time around the difference between the two would come down to months of development instead of years gap like ds had and the wii. The ds wasnt designed with the wii in mind but the 3ds and wii-u were developed almost at the same time so considerations would had to have been made.

kevnb3544d ago

but they can slow down, they are that far ahead and made money day one with the wii. Now its actually good timing for a new console, considering their audience.

zeddy3544d ago

im still glad i never bought a wii after all this time and i have never regretted a moment of it.

IWentBrokeForGaming3544d ago

it's just now struggeling? In my opinion it has been in years... the sales of the console are negated by the s#!t games released on it, in my opinion!

Noticeably_FAT3544d ago

Of course they are going to slow down, it's like asking why did the PS2 slow down in 2006? The next generation was coming and all the resources go into that.

People cry about the 360 and them slowing down as well...guess what? The next generation Xbox is right around the corner and so the current 360 shifts focus to casual and becomes a "legacy" console like the Wii has become.

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