EvilQuest Puts You in the Villain’s Shoes

The Great Gaming Crusade's Stephen Lindsey says: "Recently released XBLIG game EvilQuest puts you in the shoes of a dark knight who pillages the land and, well, at the beginning of the game, has been captured by the kingdom you were trying to conquer."

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AlanWithTea3548d ago

I agree with the author about the music, but EvilQuest is an enjoyable game overall. It's certainly worth spending the princely sum of 80 MSP on. Action RPGs are a strangely under-represented genre on Xbox Live Indie Games.

kasasensei3547d ago

XBL indies trial system is based on a timer, which is very stupid in the case of that game because you just can't see any real gameplay before the trial ends...
That needs to change, let devs choose when they want the demo to stop. So we can can actually finish the intro... It's supposed to be a RPG here!