Pachter Is Right, PS4 Won’t Be Announced At E3

PushStartSelect: "There is a lot of talk going on about when the next generation of consoles will be announced from Sony and Microsoft. With Nintendo’s well on its way, many people believe those announcements will be coming soon. However Michael Pachter, a video game analyst, has predicted that PS4 will not be making an appearance at all, and Microsoft revealing the next Xbox is close to none. Well he is right, to an extent. "

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versusALL3545d ago

Wasn't he right about the Wii HD being announce last E3.

LOGICWINS3545d ago

Yup he was. The Wii U is essentially an HD Wii.

Nitrowolf23545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Can we really give him credit for that though? I mean he has been saying it'll come out the following years only to restate that prediction when that old date was almost done. He also said that Natal (Kinect) real reason for release was to go up against Wii HD.

there's a lot more of those wii predictions to.
Not saying he's wrong, but I mean if your gonna say the same thing year after year then how could you possibly be wrong?

I do agree with his PS4 announcement though, either sometime in 2013 or 2014 is where I see it.

He was right about one coming though, just not the announcement/release dates

Dante1123544d ago

So I guess the next Xbox won't be coming out either if he's right.

Shok3544d ago


Yes, the Wii U is just an HD Wii, because there's absolutely NOTHING different about the Wii U other than HD..........right?


DigitalAnalog3544d ago

If that were the case, then why does the best looking Nintendo games at 1080p/60fps (on Dolphin) barely compares to the top of the line 720p/30fps on the 360/PS3?

RedDead3544d ago

Wii HD....not really, completely different control scheme than the Wii, quite innovative imo. Also, it's more powerful that the 360 and Ps3. Hardly a WiiHD

Fishy Fingers3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

"does the best looking Nintendo games at 1080p/60fps (on Dolphin) barely compares to the top of the line 720p/30fps on the 360/PS3? "

Why does the upcaled, 480i image not look as good as native 720p even when its upscaled to 1080p? Really, thats a serious question on your part?

Dolphin just upscales the image it cant rework the textures etc. It's still a Wii game at the end of the day. If I play Mario 1 on and emulator at 1080p would you expect that to look like a 360/PS3 game too?

andibandit3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

The Wii U is essentially the Wii HD, that nintendo has been missing in order to attract the core gamers.
I know alot of you are going to read that one sentence and disagree, but what you need to understand is that a few years back, we talked alot about how nintendo really needed a Wii HD(nobody knew what to call it) to bridge the gap(not sales wise) to the PS3 and 360, in terms of power/graphics. The Wii U, is IT.
Im not saying it's just the Wii with HD, because it's obvious it's a whole lot more, but when Pacther, and problably gamingdroid too, said Wii HD, this is what he meant.

ChickeyCantor3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )


"Dolphin just upscales the image it cant rework the textures etc"

It doesn't "upscale". It forces renders at a higher or lower resolution. It's not up-scaling at all. It simply renders at the given resolution.

And with the additional features of Dolphin you can enhance the texture output.

"If I play Mario 1 on and emulator at 1080p would you expect that to look like a 360/PS3 game too?"

Now you're just reaching. There is a huge difference between a NES emulator ( which essentially stretches the images ) and Dolphin which allows NATIVE render output on any resolution.

You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

ronin4life3544d ago

Then the ps3 is just a high definition ps2.
An xbox 360 is just an hd xbox.
And a psv is just an hd psp.

Areeb113543d ago

the reason why PS4 is not being announced this E3 or for a matter being released in 2012 is the fact that if you watched the new Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six trailer it said "2013" and then it had the PS3, GforW and Xbox 360 logos.

and Tom Clancy never lies.

morganfell3543d ago

Tom Clancy never lies but he is often quite inaccurate. Whether it's writing in his first major novel that it would take Ramius and the Red October 4 days to be within range (in reality the ballistic missiles in the Typhoon class at that time could have hit the US when the sub was sitting at the dock in Murmansk) or in publishing Beret Flashes in his book Inside Special Forces and calling them shoulder insignia.

Don't get me wrong, I like HFRO but the book and subsequent movie were full of technical errors. All of his works are like that.

And Red Storm with all of it's properties was sold to Ubisoft years ago. He has no stake in it. Clancy has an advisor that has to give approval on source material where the Clancy name is used but they make errors too. Mistakes such as Splinter Cell Essentials where it stated Sam was a Sergeant in the SEALs...except there is no rank of Sergeant in the Navy.

Today, Clancy doesn't write most of the books with his name on them.

ChickeyCantor3543d ago

I just love the 8 disagrees on my comment.
And not one did prove me wrong.
Ignorant kids hahah.

ikkokucrisis3543d ago

OMG, no one's commented on the elephant in the room yet?

What's that giant thing on her head?!

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Andronix3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Each time he thought the Wii HD would be announced - it wasn't. Now it has been announced (the Wii U) it doesn't mean he is right. The issue is not whether Nintendo would release another home console (because its logical that they would) but WHEN.

Let me tell you another of Pachter's predictions. Microsoft and Sony will both release a new home console...

Megaton3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

He was calling for the Wii HD like 2 years before the Wii U was announced. Just another drop in the bucket of wrong predictions Pachter had made, except it accidentally turned out to be semi-true after enough time had passed.

He gets an F. No credit. See me after class, Michael.

Blasphemy3543d ago

@versusALL He said it would come out in either 2009 or 2010 and yeah he was wrong.

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Tommykrem3545d ago

Patch hasn't done too bad the last year, I mean at times he's completely illogical or even worse, entirely obvious and therefore also useless, but there have been instances where he's had insider information or has predicted right. Jaffe did go to E3 after all.

Shok3544d ago

FOR ONCE, I agree with him. Sony was just last year hiring engineers FOR the PS4, so there's no way they can be ready to announce it yet.

AidyReviews3544d ago

Yeah I seen this as well. There are a few jobs now on Gamsatura. Who knows what Sony will do now?

Droid Control3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

I say Pachter is wrong... AGAIN.

M$ will announce 720 at E3.
Sony won't allow M$ a year's lead like last time.
PS4 announcement at E3

Its all very logical.

Mustang300C20123544d ago

What you are writing is not logical LMAO.

VenomCarnage893543d ago

His comment may not end up being true, but its definitely logical, especially considering Sony themselves said they won't let MS get that head start.

Logically, I see 2 scenarios. Both involving how Sony presents after MS at E3 each year:

A. MS doesn't announce the 720, Sony holds back their PS4 reveal as to not reveal their deck too early.

B. MS does announce the 720, and Sony responds with the PS4 to attempt to overshadow it.

They should go in with plan A and B both fully prepared, and act based upon what MS does during their conference.

irepbtown3543d ago

I think Microsoft will announce the new xbox at 2013 CES to get that head start and show off more of it at that years E3.

Sony will follow so and announce the PS4 at 2013 E3.

Both will most likely release end of 2013 or early 2014. I think thats possibly the most logical thing.

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