BioWare to Release Mass Effect 3 Demo Prior to Launch

In a short Tweet sent out a few minutes ago, BioWare has confirmed plans to release a Mass Effect 3 demo prior to the game's launch on March 6th.

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versusALL3541d ago

Ah sweet. I would love to get a sneak-peak at this. Can't wait for the game, hope the choices I made in the last one don't fuck me over.

BattleTorn3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

I hope they include a way to quick-choose the previous decisions, like the interactive comic they had with ME2.

I unfortunitely have my Mass Effect progress scattered across mutliple systems.

I beat ME1 on Xbox, and only half of the second (on Xbox360), and then completely beat the ME2 when the improved PS3 version came out. \

For instance, I chose Kaiden when playing ME1, and the only way for me to have him in ME2 (on PS3) required that interactive comic.

ikkokucrisis3541d ago

Wait, so they have demos before release dates now? Fascinating!

MastaMold3541d ago

Can't wait, ME3 is gonna be great :)

Neo Nugget3541d ago

Since when is 46 minutes ago old?

Nate-Dog3541d ago

This was confirmed months ago, along with a multiplayer demo for BF3 players who used their online passes.

Rampaged Death3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

BioWare announced a demo/beta in October.

edit: Ha you beat me to it Nate.

jaymart2k3541d ago

We knew this when Battlefield 3 came out. It says so on the paper that's in the case.

tigertron3541d ago

Yeah, but when? they announced that they would...announce the demo's release date (in January) and we've still heard nothing. Sort it out Bioware, Jesus...

Detoxx3541d ago

No demo for meh, im waiting for the full game!

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The story is too old to be commented.