That’s It, PS Move is Getting Thrown Out – Grab It Now

TQ author writes: I’m checking out these daily deals and I just happened to realized that there’s an incredible deal for a PlayStation Move bundle. But this is just not any normal move bundle, this one comes with Killzone 3, Resistance 3, the Move Sharpshooter, and camera for only $90. They are basically throwing out the Move in this deal. Check it out:

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TheFirstClassic2935d ago

Great bundle, I would get it if I didn't already own R3 and K3. When I read the title though, I thought it meant sony was abandoning the move for a second there, kinda caught me off guard...

Hicken2935d ago

That was the point, I believe. Garner more attention toward the article by making it seem like something unlikely is happening. I originally thought it was someone who, for some odd reason, was fed up with the Move and was getting rid of it, and would be highlighting that such a trend was picking up speed among Move owners.

acemonkey2935d ago

great deal...might get it

RayRay362935d ago

USELESS!!!! Bought the Sharpshooter first day and the Move first week. Both were gone within 2 months after KZ3.

BattleTorn2935d ago

But it's hardware that has potential to be used with other games.

I first got my PS3, when I saw Kevin Butler playing KZ3 with the Move+SharpShooter on a TV ad.

Since then I have always opted to keep it, along with it's compatible titles like MAG, Socom4, KZ3, and Resistance3.
As long as I have the Move, and enjoy dusting off the Sharpshooter once in a while, I'll probably never trade in those compatible games.

Because they give purpose to keeping the hardware (Move).

just_looken2935d ago (Edited 2935d ago )

so true i have the full deal aswell great tech but little support typical of this gen so few devs fully support all ps3 features.

RayRay362935d ago

Thats like $150 to play shooters with a gun. Totally not worth it. We get the point that the Move is ideal for aiming. Its put to no use otherwise. Games like "The Fight" or whatever its called, is a joke.

miyamoto2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

KZ3 is best played using the Move! I love it!