In Defence of the DmC Haters!

Adnanrules's from GNVR clarifies and justifies some of the reasons why gamers are hating on the new DmC

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RaidensRising3550d ago

It's amazing how looks can make such a big difference.

Megaman_nerd3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

and don't forget about the crappy frame-rate and pretentious story.

Snookies123550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I wouldn't have minded some casual changes, maybe a different outfit or something... Though to completely alter Dante's appearance is going overboard. Dante is a beloved character for a lot of people. You know there would be outrage if they changed Mario, Master Chief, Nathan Drake, etc.

I for one wouldn't want a tall, skinny, non-mustachioed Mario running around and I don't want an emo-looking black haired Dante either!

Bioshocking3550d ago

Remember the Cole Mcgrath design change rage?
Or even peoples reaction to Metal Gear Rising?

People don't like change in games, they would rather keep everything the same.

Im all for dev's trying new things in their games, and besides isn't this DMC a prequel?

Maybe by the end Dante will be a badass...
just wait for a while and see how the game goes

Raider693550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Stupid articles about DMC "reboot" are in vogue this days!Dont like it dont buy it!

Snookies123550d ago

It's not about that... It's the fact that they could have continued on with the story, and made an actual next installment. If this version sells well, you'll bet they'll move on and make a second like this. If it sucks they probably won't consider another.

So either way the original Devil May Cry fans are out of luck if they want Dante... The actual Dante...

brettyd3550d ago

man i cant stand when people spell defense "defence"

GanjaMan3549d ago

Defence is actually the correct spelling, we (the british) created English and we spell it 'defence' so we are correct. Don't know why you Americans feel as if to change it makes no sense.

brettyd3549d ago

we won the war buddy get over it! (sarcasm)

DragonKnight3549d ago

Like hell you did GanjaMan. Germans and Scandinavians created English. The English you speak is derivative, the accent you have is NOT the original English accent (that belongs to us in N.A. actually, you used to sound exactly the way we do, but there was a transition as the colonies were settling and that transitional accent still exists in the typical "New York" accent) and you Brits butcher the English language with your awful slang words like "bruv" to mean brother and words so painful to read, many eyes bleed.

If you don't believe what I'm saying, here are some links for you.

This is for the history of the language

This contains the history of the British accent, which is NEW by comparison to the American accent.

So no, just because your nation is called England, doesn't mean you invented the language of English. It simply means your nation took the name after being invaded by the tribes that DID invent the language.

lodossrage3549d ago

I usually don't comment on stuff like this here since it's off topic. But that was some serious ownage right there Dragonknight lol

SeraphimBlade3549d ago

I have confidence in the game. I like Ninja Theory, and i like to see series changed up instead of just stagnating. Yes, even series I actually like. But I am very happy to see a more reasoned argument for the other side than "HIS HAIR IS DIFFERENT. GAY NOW."

Ultimately though, I don't see the point about arguing over a game that isn't even released yet.

Ness-Psi3549d ago

2012 year of the spoilt brat gamers.

SeraphimBlade3549d ago

I don't see the point, and neither do the five people who disagreed with me apparently. We have such insightful discussions here, don't we? :)

Hicken3549d ago

"I don't like his hair" has never been the primary opposition. That was just one facet that supporters latched onto and made the reason for why people were hating on the game.

As so many other people have mentioned, you don't change the look of an iconic character. Not that much, anyway. Four games in the franchise have now given a very distinct definition of who Dante is. From the start, Ninja Theory decided the fans' impression of this didn't matter; they continued to make their prequel/reboot/alternate universe game while giving the finger to the fans.

To be honest, there's nothing wrong with the character's design. It fits in pretty nicely with the world. So does the gameplay, from what I've seen.

But it's not Dante. It's not DMC. And these things are what we were told we were getting. It may be a solid title, but it's not DMC.

And I pity gaming if more people can't see the point. Is changing the series a bit okay? Sure. But then, none of the games thus far have been carbon copies of each other. It probably wasn't necessary to change the series as much as they have. The fans are the ones complaining, and if the fans don't want to buy it, talk about how great it is, and get others to buy it, who will? It's going to be that much harder to be successful if you can't get your already established fanbase to buy your game.

yokokoroma3549d ago

This is less about "hate" and more about, what Capcom shouldn't have done! In reading this article I found out an interesting, yet utterly disgusting piece of information, which is the developer (Tameem) stating that he thought that Devil May Cry was ridiculous, huh? If he thought it was ridiculous why did he attempt (and FAIL) to "reboot" it? Not only is this remark disrespectful to Devil May Cry creator, Hideki Kamiy, but it's also disrespectful to fans like myself who have been supporting the series since the first Devil May Cry! As he basically calling both, Hideki Kamiya and the fans ridiculous. He displays a dislike of the ORIGINAL Devil May Cry, yet is trying to "reboot" it? again why? his photo was compared to that of the "replacement" for Dante and it was deemed that he had put himself in the game. He wanted to be Dante (LOL) and this was the only way he could do it. It's ashame though, he'll never be able to live the glory, as this "reboot" is guaranteed to flop!!

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