GT 5 Prologue To Not Ship With Online Mode

The official GT 5 Prologue site has just been updated with a few surprises and statistics. Firstly, there's going to be a total of 37 cars and 5 tracks (with 2 versions of each) - the course list is now Daytona, Fuji, Suzuka, London and the Eiger mountain track from GT HD. However, the game will only ship with offline racing, consisting of arcade races, time trials, and a series of 24 events over 3 categories, presumably to win money and cars.

The online features will arrive on the 25th of December as a free download, and will have additional online-only events, time trials and ranking boards, plus the ability to download ghosts and view car dealer histories.

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Blademask5065d ago

Its really amazing how fast that one asian kid gets a 1 minute lap at nurburgring.

I will beat him one day.

Krazy Ken Kutaragi5065d ago

I doubt it. You spent far to much time trolling these pages.

The Wood5065d ago

on the topic I agree that free downloads are always better. Im not bothered that it couldn't be there from the start as long as its done correctly

BruceLeroy5064d ago

And I suppose you don't troll at all huh Ken? I could point out all the worthless troll comments you've made in the past.

Sevir045065d ago

for the game... free download. nice... i hope the US version gets it as one package like motorstorm did when it hit the US.

macsto5065d ago

No online, no buy. Sorry Sony!

Blademask5065d ago

You weren't going to buy it anyway...

If you were, you would be Japanese.

If you bought it, you'd have to wait 11 days for a FREE download.

If you are american, you are waiting until feb to buy prologue, which would mean the download would STILL BE FREE.

Nice job Fanboy. Go back to the forza forums.

Its as if you people cant even read.

rushbd5065d ago

You dont have a PS3, you dont have a 360, you dont have a life.

read you even read what the article said you idiotic S#iT

sonarus5065d ago

quit trying to taint gran turismo with your blasphemy and fanboy BS. GT is still the leader for driving simulators. Jst let GT be for us GT fans is that too much to ask. Am sure the reason they are holding off on online is to make a big deal about it. Am sure its ready. The real info i need is damage confirmation

CaliGamer5065d ago (Edited 5065d ago )

You are an a$$. While I am sure you don't own a PS3 anyway, this comment of yours has one of two explanations, A) you have poor reading comprehension or just didn't take the time to click the actual link to the story and thus ended up revealing that you are truly an A$$, or B) in your attempt to detract from anything Sony related you didn't click the link to read that whole story and ended up looking like an A$$.

Come to think of it either way your true identity is revealed so I guess in the immortal words of George W. Bush (one of your fellow asses) "mission accomplished" on your part. I'm sure glad I don't have XBL, I can just imagine what nonsense comes out your mouth on a daily basis.

Your parents should really go to your English teacher and complain because it seems like you missed the basics on reading comprehension.

macsto5065d ago

You are all morons. I OWN a PS3, add me. Macsta.

ruibing5064d ago

Read the entire article, you'll get it on Christmas. So by the time it gets localized for us early next year, it'll have online mode built in.

BruceLeroy5064d ago

Macsto is just mad because he got owned.

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skyline20035065d ago

Its a free download so no biggy. But if it wasnt... i would not buy it. Playing the CPU gets old, quick.

mighty_douche5065d ago

just means they get 11 days to train up before they test themselves online.

personally if i got a new GT game it would be a while before i went online anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.