Killzone 3 £10 - RAGE £10 what gives?

With so many months apart and one game reaching platinum status already why are these two games being sold at similar prices?

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LOGICWINS3545d ago

Games that sell poorly are sold at cheaper prices regardless of when they come out. Look how quickly Duke Nukem got a price drop.

bunt-custardly3545d ago

Yeah, it's a bit concerning the current state of things, and the risk of new IPs, although remarkably good, has seemingly gone downhill since Alan Wake did not receive the sales the title so clearly deserved.

Sanetoshi3545d ago

That's a fairly substantial drop. Probably didn't help matters that its release was quickly followed by a lot of games that were just... better. Not many people are going to be looking for Rage when they've got all the games from November to work their way through.

RaidensRising3545d ago

There's two ways of looking at this. Killzone 3 for a £10 is great £10 for RAGE is amazing.


RAGE II isn't going to be happening any time soon which is a shame as I thought the game was very good although a bit empty in terms of stuff to do.

JellyJelly3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I'm playing it at the moment and I'm loving it. I disagree with you that there's not enough to do. There's a bunch of racing competitions, side missions and mini games to complete. More content than the majority of FPS games I've played this gen. And unbelievable graphics to boot (and at 60 fps it's just ridiculous).

Haven't played Killzone 3 but I wouldn't think twice on spending £10 to get a chance to.

Ducky3545d ago

RAGE was good, but the ending left me disappointed.

himdeel3545d ago

I got rage for $8 and its pretty cool but so far 4 hours in it seems to be a lot of fetch quest :( I Im glad I didn't pay full price for it but its okay. Killzone 3 is much better than rage in my opinion.

tudors3545d ago

KZ3 and Halo Reach are £7.00 at Morrisons, I have not finished KZ3 yet but so far IMO Halo Reach is the better game, I have not played Rage at all so I wouldn't know how good that is, one thing I can tell you is that KZ3 does not come close the any online Halo but having said that I would rather play KZ3 online than the once great COD series, what a mess the online has become, that is how they treat their fanbase, I suppose they will tell us we need to go COD elite if they have not already.

ginsunuva3544d ago

Tudors: Stealth Trolls in Disguise.

tudors3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

Why? because I now own both consoles and have a honest opinion, get over yourself, KZ3 online is ok but it needs to evolve, you feel too boxed in, Halo is like a SC-FI BF3, freedom to move around land and air (sea also in BF3's case), COD would be great online other than the fact it's a broken mess full of cheaters.

BTW I have a typo above, I meant to say KZ3 does not match any Halo that is online, the single player is debatable.

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